Confessions of a Nazi Spy

I just finished watching an old movie made in 1938 or 1940, with Eward G. Robinson as an FBI guy tracking down disloyal Americans who became spies for Germany and loved Hitler, and the “German Bund, The German American Bund or German American Federation was an American Nazi organization established in the 1930s. Its main goal was to promote a favorable view of Germany.” This quote is from a translation of the Germans Bund from the Internet. In this movie they showed the disloyalty of American born citizens of German decent and those that came here and became citizens of the United States. The movie showed how the FBI rounded up all these spies and traitors and put them in jail. I thought what an irony, in the 1930s’ people were for the America way of life, freedom to do what you wanted, not Government controlled to tell you what you can eat, drive, religion, etc, etc.

But now since the 1960s’ people born in this Country, citizens of the ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” want to destroy the United States of America. Let’s start with education, in the High Schools children, I meet a High School teacher that told me he  taught about American Imperialism, and the United States was the bad guy, in the colleges students were taught hate America. I remember after I got out of the Marine Corps, I went to Roosevelt college under the GI Bill, and all through the school there were students set up with tables and signs screaming join the Communist Party and be free! I left the college. There were professors thinking up ways to destroy this Country. Like Cloward/Piven how to overload the system and collapse the the United Sates into chaos and financial destruction and the “New World Order, of the UN, or any country in the World can step in and take over. These Professors of hate in all the colleges are traitors to the United States of America and should be put in prison for brainwashing students to hate their country. Colleges are not supposed to let Professors teach hate and revolution to students but the Colleges allowed it. Now these 60’s people have grown up and are in all the key places that can hurt this country, look at the Clinton’s and they are doing it. They are Demo-rat Congressmen, Judges, Governors, in banks, working with the Federal Reserve, like Bernanke, working with Obama to destroy the dollar, destroy our economy. Obama has already had our rating dropped from a three to a two, matching some of the Europe country’s that are on the brink of becoming a Third World Country.

Today we don’t have spies in our Country to destroy us and steal our secrets for those Counties that would like to destroy us, Russia, China Cuba all of the Muslim Middle-East, South America, Mexico the Nations in the UN. Our Presidents, all help the enemies of the United States by selling and freely giving them Plans for super ships and the electronics that go with them. Clinton and Gore sold to China the Computer system to help stop any missiles that would attack them from our ships and planes if China attacked us. But China doesn’t have to worry about  that  anymore they can, like the Russians and the Muslims just walk in and take over they own over half the United States thanks to all our Presidents, and we Can’t Forget the Demo-rat and Rhino Republicans Senators and Congressman who went along with the Presidents to give up all our Secrets. Nixon really did a good job of that when he went to China and saw the Great wall. Nixon thought he was the smartest President, like Obama, that ever took office and he underestimated the Chines and thought they were stupid, he gave China military secrets willingly and China took them ans sheared them with Russia and all their allies, who was stupid?  The Chinese called Clinton their man in the White House. I Wonder how much money Clinton launders through his Library that China sends him every month.

Secrets are nothing today. Obama our President and Hillary Clinton, and the Department of Defence, run guns, ammunition and money to the enemy and Obama and Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered because they were afraid that Stevens would tell the World that Obama with the help of Hillary Clinton were arming the enemy of the United States to kill the Jews and our troops, the Muslims who Obama wants to help kill every Jew in Israel, and every American Solider that is fighting in the Middle-East, not an American War, but a “No Win War” run by NATO, the UN. All our Presidents believe in a one World Government run by the UN and they don’t mind that thousands of American men and women are killed and mangled and Obama wants the Armed Forces to pay for their own medical expenses because they are all volunteers nice guy Obama. Now there are few people in the United States that are for the freedom of the United States. Look what the American people did by voting in Obama, who should never been elected to be President of this Country. But he got in because the News Media are all for the destruction of the United States of America, even Disney who owns ABC. Walt Disney is probably turning over in his grave to think that he who was a loyal American for America and Freedom that his Company is working with Obama to destroy this Country. Along with all the White people who are from-the 60s’ the Black leaders of this Country want to destroy it, they think that by destroying our Country they can take over and make White people their slaves. They preach Hate, hate the white people who gave them their freedom and because of Affirmative Action they became the chosen Race to stop the White male from getting anything. No Minority and that takes in every one who is not considered Caucasian, to be given a job free education with a place to live and sleep, free money in their pockets to by food  and dope with and no hard ship for them. To be chosen first to get into any college, and they don’t have to know how to read and write, before a white man. Look at Sotomayor, she got into the best colleges on the East Coast. She was told to read children’s classics and try to understand what they were writing about because she didn’t know how to read or if she did she was to stupid to understand what she read. She is a lawyer who doesn’t know the first thing about law she goes by her own hatred of all white people America and had always tried cases where there was a Black involved they were found innocent of any crime they were arrested for, then she read the riot act to the white attorneys who tried the Black Criminal. She doen’s belong on the supreme Court because she is a Racists and for the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America. these are the people who are in power now. No Country needs to spy on us and  steal all kinds of Secrets from our Presidents on down we help the enemy destroy us and we are selling off our land to the enemies of this Country. Saudi Arabia owns 8% of America Germany owns thousands of acres of farm land and produce food for Germany, not the United States. England owns our oil and as we develop our oil the Presidents and Senate and Congress will sell off our oil that we developed, and what ever to the highest bidder and cut up the money between themselves like they always have ands drive America into the ground. The Government brought us to this point in history where the United Sates of America id being destroyed and our Constitutional Rights are being taken away, our Armed Forces have become the Army for the UN who along with our Government kill the cream of the crop of young white children who have volunteered to go into the Armed Forces. These are the Traitors we have running our Country