Second Amendment

It is the right of every American citizen to have the right to protect his life and his families life! No one but our Government said we should lay down our lives to anyone. God never said that we should lay down and die for who ever wants to kill us. Human nature tell us to fight for our lives. No Tyrant Government, Demo-rats or Republicans can tell us or make a law that we have to lay down our arms to suit them. No Country in the world, and that means the UN has the right to tell us to give our right to own and use a gun to save our life.

All the Presidents we have ever had  in the 20th century and into the 21st century  were all super rich people, before they became Presidents, they are all Socialist minded people they are all control freaks. We the people have the right to Revolt against our Government, because all they have ever down was to work against our freedom, they caused the first depression, they put people out of work, the Federal Government doesn’t want you to have money in your pocket,  they are the ones who do not want your children to become educated, because they might take these traitors out of office that they padded so well for them and their families but not for we the people who have to suffer for them. Why do you think the Government has taken over education, to teach our children to educated, to become doctors, Engineers, lawyers, scientists, or what ever they might want to be. NO! The Government wants to brain wash them and make them dummies, 3/4 of the children coming out of grammar school can’t read and if they can they don’t understand what they are reading. A good example of ignorance and racism is Sonya Sotomayor,  who only got into college because of the worst law that was ever written where it chose one race above another race was and is Affirmative Action, because of that law Soto Mayor was able to get into college, not because she was smart, she wasn’t, she was told to read children’s books to see if she could under stand what they were written about. Sotomoyor got into colleges because of Affirmative Action. She was never  impartial  in any case that involved a minority, no matter the crime, murder,rape, robbery, any thing the minority were always set lose on the street to commit the crimes again, while she ripped the white prosecutors a new asshole for trying to convict a minority criminal. And now she is a  Supreme Court Judge, who doesn’t understand what she reads and makes up her own laws as she goes along. That’s Government control and education.

We the people have the right to stand up for our rights and if necessary Rebel against an unjust Government like the one we have lead by Barrack Hussein Obama and the Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans who are destroying our Country and our freedom. Diann Feinstein, with the help of, I have no doubt in my mind that John McCain the traitor, who wrote the law that any American Citizen can be put in jail with out a lawyer or charge and held for ever and no one will know where that person is. Anyone who says anything against the Government can be taken away and never seen again by our Government. We can also thank, the New World Order, George Bush Jr. for that one also when he got the Patriot Act passed, is for Feinstein’s gun ban. I am telling you they can’t ban us from owning a gun. My heart goes out to those poor parents who lost a child and the children themselves. But if one stupid brain washed gun control teacher had a gun these children would not have died. Feinstein carries a 38 revolver, she has guards around her twenty four seven and we pay for them, they all have automatic weapons to defend her life and her families life with, All the Senators and all the Congressmen pack a gun, and have body guards around them, look at Nancy Pelosi, we pay for that. But these Senator and Congressmen want us unarmed, but not them.  They are so afraid of the we the people it is amazing, but it is because they are trying to destroy our Freedom and the Constitution of the United States of American, and make us their slaves. We are almost that now we have to pay taxes and the taxes are getting higher and higher and we the people have less and less money in our pockets but they have more in their pockets. Our Standard of live is going into the sewer but not theirs, they made sure of that. The United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force has become the UN’S forces, and our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen don’t mind that the cream of the crop of our young people are dieing and getting mangled for nothing in no win wars run by the UN. It’s good that our children die this way no one can take the President’s job or the Senator’s and Congressmen jobs away from them. They are the rich, and they don’t care because they believe in the pie in the sky New World Order, One World Government. More American soldiers have died from the Korean War to now then any other Nation. The most any Nation has ever given to the UN to die for nothing is about 2500, and that is only three other countries, most give 150. We give hundreds of thousands of our children to die for the UN.

Obama has 11 armed guards guarding his children twenty four seven, do you think he is going to let his children come into harms way. No. But ours can die for him, remember what he has been trained for, “The end justifies the means” Children slaughtered for nothing by a mad dog killer. The children died, the parents will never recover from their loss. Obama by law, and he makes us all murders, aborts at least a million children a year in this country alone and gives billions of our tax dollars to murder more children in other Countries, so he falls into the same category, MAD DOG KILLER, of children, but his can live.

A gun free zone should have the name changed to a free killing zone. All the mad dog killers go to gun free zone and kill who ever they want. Why? Because no one is allowed to have a gun to save his or her life. All the teachers should be armed and trained how to us a gun to protect their students lives and the children they have in their class, again if one teacher had a gun in Connecticut there would have been no murder of innocent babies. Over a million children are killed year by cars, why not out law cars? I wrote before LaPerie said it on national TV. There are millions of senior citizens who would walk guard around the gun Free zone schools for no pay. Make them deputies and train them how to use an full automatic weapon and there will be no more killings in any gun free zones. It was pointed out today that these mad dog killers only go to gun free zones to ,commit their murders, if they know there might be some one that is armed they won’t kill there, because they might be killed. Feinstein’s gun ban will only help the killers more that won’t stop them, Gun laws have never stopped the mad dog from killing who they want. But it stops you and me the people of the USA to protect our selves from our Government and the mad dog killers who roam the streets looking for a victim. Only you can save a life, the police can’t, they show up after, the Government can’t because they want murder and chaos, Wars that we can’t win run by the UN, our Government always creates an enemy that we the people have to worry about, so we can’t see how they are destroying our Country because we are off balance because of all the other things that have created to keep us from paying g attention to what they are doing. Making them rich while making we the people poor, their standard of living is going up and we ours is going down, they have tons of money and don’t pay taxes, but we pay through the nose. That is why the Government creates Enemies, Chaos in the streets and Wars. They are our carbon foot to mankind in the USA.  And we the people have the right to Revolt against Obama’s Communist Government, that is why we have the second Amendment, not to protect us from our neighbors but from the Government!!! No gun no Freedom it is simple as that.

Obama says there are too many guns in the schools, (where?) and he’s not sure if their should be policemen in the schools to protect OUR CHILDREN, but Obama has made sure his children are protected by 11 gun carrying guards with automatic weapons. Every Federal Building in Washington is protected by well armed guards. All the senators and Congressmen are protected by well armed guards, Obama has the whole military protecting him. But it’s OK if we the people die or our children are murdered in school and other gun free zones. And those crocodile tear he was supposed to wipe away on Notional TV is a fake, Obama is responsible for  killing  a million American babies a year, and we have to remember his words “The end justifies the means” what ever happened in Connecticut justifies destroying the 2nd Amendment, so the murders of those children were OK as far as the Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans are concerned. Obama is sure laughing it now if you have seen some of his pictures that are posted on the Internet.

Obama has been spending billions of dollars arming the Bureaucracies with guns and ammo, but  we the people shouldn’t have a gun to defend our selves with. We and our families should all be happy to die for Obama’s cause… the destruction of the United States of America.

An unarmed people can’t make a stand against anyone or country who want to kill you with out a gun, even their own Government who want to kill them, they can only stand and die.