Politicians want us to donate to them

Politicians want us to contribute to their campaign funds to run for President, Congress, Senate, Governors, Mayors, and down the line. They collect millions upon millions from dummies like us, who give them our hard earned money, when these Traitors have gotten money from Foreign Countries, Auto industry, Unions (now Communist)  from all over the World, people like George Soros, big controlling banks that control our money and our lives. The UN. All this money is paid to them with the promise that they will now do their bidding by passing laws that will destroy any competition that gets in their way, and because our Politicians are now owned by these people they do what they are told to do. But not what we tell them to do. Also they get extra money for killing the competition so we have to buy from those that control them. Free enterprise down the drain.

Now controlling factions, non-governmental institutions like the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, Activists who want this Country to be destroyed so that they can rule the World and make slaves of us all.

Bill Clinton sold out the United States of America to China and he an Al Gore gave them top secrets, for missile control, for the newest and best ship designs in the world, the Chines Navy has the same ships we do and gave Russia the planes, and the greatest Presidential Traitor of them all Barrack Hussein Obama is cutting all our armed forces down to the bone, so that who ever wants to step into this Country and take over can. That is why Obama, Clinton,and the rest of the Traitors, Congressmen and Senators, and all the Progressive Demo-rats and Republicans who look to John McCain who is a progressive Anti-Gunner, want us to be disarmed. And they want us to give them money. They are all multi- billionaires who don’t need our money, these people have so much of our money that it is coming out of their ears.

So why should we give our money to these people who want to takeaway our first amendment rights to free speech, and our second amendment rights to own a gun of any kind to protect our selves from the same people who govern us. The Clinton’s spent three million dollars on their daughter’s wedding and they are poor mouthing the public to make donations to them because Hillery Clinton owes thirteen million when she ran for President.  The Clinton’s are billionaires they still get their pay back from China and the money is laundered through Clinton’s library, the Bush family does the same thing with the Saudis, for keeping our oil shut down the Saudis give them their end of the profits and the money is laundered through their library.

Obama is a billionaire  ten times over since becoming the President,m donations in the millions from his millionaire friends from Hollywood and his sponsor Sorros, and others besides all the kick backs Obama got from the stimulus money he sent out, the Unions and on and on. Even Putin complemented Obama on robbing the treasury with the help of old time friend of the family and tax evader Tim Giethner , who is the best money launderer in the world. These people make organized crime look like the good guys. Obama is stashed in the banks in Chine because Geithner is an agent for China.

Now Obama is never going to tax the real rich, all his millionaire friends who give him money to wreck this country his helpers like the Senators and Congressmen who are millionaires and billionaires because they have an inside track on stealing money. The rich  that Obama and the Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans are the middle class and that is right out of the Communist Manifesto. There will only be the elite Government rich and the rest of will be poor. Keep your guns, who knows if the slaughter in Connecticut wasn’t a set up by the Obama Regime, remember the ends justifies the means. Take away the second amendment and our guns. But none of the Senators, congressmen, the Bureaucracies, the President, and he has 11 guards for his daughters twenty four seven. We have only our selves to protect us the Gang Bangers and our Government. Remember Obama is a cold blooded killer, because of him and his abortion law at least a million babies are murdered a year every year since Obama took office and made this country and doctors killers of innocent half born babies and babies still in the womb. And our Government gives millions of dollars to other countries to kill their unborn children. Be ready to fight for your and your families life, it’s coming, and it is going to be because the Obama Regime will let these forces loose on we the people. Obama has training camps for his Muslims brothers being trained and armed for urban warfare, along with all the gang bangers. to kill us. Soon after Obama is sworn in for his second term of destruction of we the people and our country he will make the move to become President for life. With that he no longer needs a Senate or a Congress all he will command the Bureaucracies to do his bidding.