Afghanistan on Fox News

Today is Sunday 04/28/13, I got up early around 5:30 AM couldn’t sleep anymore and was watching Fox news. They were questioning some Demo-rat about the War in Afghanistan, and the guy said that the NATO Commander thinks that we should stay in Afghanistan until they decide to become a Democracy. There it is again a “No Win War” run by the UN and their real Army is the United States of America Armed forces. Our Presidents and our Senators and Congressmen are happy to get all our children killed and mangled for the UN and that WE, the USA should stay there forever if need be for the UN. We don’t belong there, Afghanistan did not attack the United States of America at any time in the history of the World. Afghanistan does not want to be a Democracy, they love and cherish  being Muslim they have been tribal Muslims form the 7th century and have never and will never leave the 7th century. Since when is it the United States of America’s business what a country is. Now that is George Bush Jr. idea, he made a bet with King Abdula of Saudi Arabia that he could convert the Muslim Country into a Democracy and Addula  is winning.  Strange Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 and bush didn’t know who to declare War on what Middle-East Country. Saudi Arabia…they did it. But he attacked with the UN Iraq and Afghanistan, to finish the job his father botched, and that great general Collen Powell because of his religious  beliefs couldn’t bring himself to finish the War completely and Jr. had to do it, then we have to stay their for the next 10 years to convert them from a Murder Cult to a democracy.

The United States was in no danger from these Countries until our Presidents stepped in and attacked them. Bush Sr. Appointed Hussian  the head of this Country. Again NATO “No Win WAR” and our children die for the Bush family interests in oil for the people who really attacked us, Saudi Arabia, and B.O. is following the same agenda, kill all the White Troops  you can to keep them from running for office in the Senate on Congress.  B.O. has no qualms about killing our soldiers, B.O. the other day asked our Christian God to bless the abortion factories that murder over a million babies a month.   That takes a lot of ignorance to ask God to bless the murder of innocent unborn and born babies that are murdered every day.

The United States of America is not the UN’s Army. When are we the people of the United States going to wake up and stop our Presidents and Senators and C0ongressmen sending our children off to “No Win Wars” against countries that never attacked us. And our Traitors Presidents make money hand over fist from these wars where they pimp out Children to the UN to die. Then they build monuments to themselves where they can launder all the money they get from the Countries they sold us out too.