Want to see how to loose any election?

Any candidate who thinks they know what the people want is stupid. Every candidate who runs for President right on down to dog catcher should watch the old movie, “All the Kings Men.” I don’t meant the movie with the Communist Traitor, Sean Penn, I mean the real one with Broderick Crawford, with his mealy mouthed speech’s like the one’s that Romney gave about taxes, those speech’s also helped him loose the election. People don’t want speeches about taxes they want speeches that are about our freedom, free enterprise, flat taxes, and point the finger at your opponent  and tell the people the truth and quiet trying not to hurt some one’s feelings, what a Traitor and rat he or she really is, no matter if the news-media calls you a Raciest, a B.O. fat Cat, wealthy, no matter because your opponent is more wealthy then you will ever be after stealing and selling our Country out to the highest bidder. Watch the movies just like B.O.’S people did and you can beat anyone using the right tough talk and tactics.  Crawford’s movie “All the Kings Men” Is a classic on how to win an election. The people don’t want to see someone ringing their hands and talking about taxes. They want a man who can speak fire and lighting for the people of the United States of America  and mean it and actually fight for the right of all Americans. Keep your guns to stay free, small Government. Because all the Presidents and all of his men have kept the free people of the USA poor, on purpose, the President and the Congressmen and Senators and the Banks made the Depression because the people were making money, having a good time, enjoying life.  New inventions were coming out to help the people live better not the Government. The Presidents and all his men are the one’s who are destroying our freedom and the United States of America for their own gain. And we the people are the suckers that fall for all the promises these two faced rats tell us and never keep, in return for our trust they are destroying us and our Country. That’s what we get for believing in man and not God. Man is corrupt and has no loyalty to our Country or we the people, only to greed and themselves. Their idea for we the people is ignorance, chaos, and slavery depend on a Government that destroy us. Wake up suckers it is almost to late now to save our Country. Keep your guns in good shape and well oiled we are going to need them to take back our Country! God Bless America and all the people who want small Government, freedom, and want to make money hand over fist by working for it, and all the inventors who invent things for the good of the people cures for Cancer, Heart disease, any life threatening illness that we have now that is kill the children and people of our Country . May our God Bless American again.

It is too bad that no one who counts will ever read my articles.