Black Commuinity attacking White people

As the Big Government has lowered our standard of living so that the Blacks can catch up with the White people, the white people have gone down to the standard of the Black people, and the Black people’s standards have gone to the savages,  the Black Community standards have never caught up to the White people they have now gone into what they are in a Third World Country, savages. We can also thank the Big Government for this because they destroyed the Black family structure  by taking the fathers completely out of the Black Families. Now they are doing it to all the Families by making it a law that homosexuals can marry like the normal family structure was meant to be by God and Nature one man and one women to create a family. The Black Family structure is gone forever and the rest of us are on the way. The Obama Government is destroying everything, Communist Doctrine, “Destroy Tradition and Instill the new thinking” We can thank those suckers who voted for the Communist Demo-rats, Rhino Republicans and their President Obama, but Cass Sunstien, a Communist and Valery Jerret a Communist are running this Country, Obama is only the front man, he doesn’t have the brains to run anything, except into the ground. And we the people just stand by and let it happen.

This new Racism has been created by Obama, since he has become President he promised to change the face of the United States and he is doing a good job. Notice the Black mobs only attack one person, or 200 rob a store, where? Where the people are not allowed to carry a gun and defend themselves, in every Deom-rat city in the United States. Start packing a gun and if you are attacked by the Black Savages shoot them, they are more then willing to shoot you and your family if they have a chance, also the Mexicans Gangs are getting bigger, there are more gang bangers on our streets then we have people in the armed Forces and we have 11 million more to over load the system and destroy the United States, the Cloward/Piven Communist Doctron how to destroy a Country. Also Obama at all those meetings G8, G20 and so on are all about selling out the United States to the New World Order run by Europe, and destroy our Sovereignty as a Nation, Obama is a Traitor, not Snowdon.

If you have to protect your life, do it. This is Big Government, where there is no law there is Tyranny, John Adams said that.