OBama aiding Al Qaeda

What’s new about Obama or our Government backing the enemy , giving arms, money and training to kill our own soldiers. The Government and the State Department have been doing just that for years. Backing the enemy with money guns and training. Give them strategic information to kill our people The Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans do it to level the playing field making everything equal, doesn’t matter to them that our soldiers die because of it. It is called TREASON!!!

Do you know the reason Al Qaeda is back in more power then before. The United States Government under Obama and the Progressives, Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans gave them money, guns and training. Obama sent John McCain to tell Al Qaeda that they can be sure the Obama and the rest of the Traitors will back them. We gave Al Qaeda the poison gas to kill innocent people in Syria to make it look like Assad did, and the American News Media including Fox is pushing for our invasion of Syria and knock out Assad, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood will take over and throw that Country back into the 7th Century. The whole middle east will attack  Israel with us backing them with arms and training and even put our soldiers into Israel top help kill all the Jews. The Muslims will then cut off all oil shipments and gas will sore to over $12 a gallon here in the USA and that will be the straw that will brake Americas back and make us worse then a 3rd World country. Obama will then unleash all the Muslims and Gang Bangers with arms and his private Army to kill all of us who are real Americans. This is what we have to look forward too. Obama and Holder and every Black leader are now pushing the Black Community to kill White People. And we can have Obama’s planed Race War.

People who we elect to Govern us haven’t got a clue what Government is. They come with their own private agenda, from dysfunctional parents, the more richer that are the more dysfunctional the parents. Then there is education and the Professors of hate, who have their own agenda how to destroy the United States of America. These are the sick minded people we give power to, to destroy us. That is the best reason we should have term limits on all of then. Because it is the Federal Government that has destroyed the car industry, the Government is the carbon foot that has stopped the United States advancing into the 21st Century where there should be cures for heart trouble, cancer, and the deadly illnesses that plague us now, because the Government by bringing in people from the Third World with new disease’s from there Countries that we have already cured and they are bringing them back.

All our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen have made sure that they and their families are well insulated against we the people who they consider the scum of the earth, because they were chosen by God to rule us. And that is the truth! The people that Govern us do not know what they are doing and only think in terms of money and power and screw we  the people. Do they ever listen to what we the people want? NO!!! They know better then we do, so they think. But they do not. They are the complete cause of every thing that is bad that is happening in America. And they are the ones who have given our Army and Navy to the UN to kill at their leisure in no win wars around the World, start with the Korean War to now, all UN “No Win Wars” . Wake up dummies and arm yourselves.

People are the creators of everything that is helpful to us. Not the Government. People are the inventors of products that help us live in a better world. People are the inventors of all of us living a good life. People are the ones who create jobs so we can make money, the Federal Government does not want the people to have money, they don’t want we the people to educate our children, who might take away the Elite rich people who run for President, the Senate and the Congress.

The Government are the killers invention and of mankind. Look back into history as far as you can go it has always been the men and women in Government, who ran a Country that was destroyed, they were the one’s who in the end destroyed it. And our Government right now is in the process of destroying our Country, not their Country because they are all Traitors and think that will create their private Country where only the Elites will be allowed to live in comfort and we the people live, and watch our children die because we will be living, if some of us are allowed to live, will live in SHIT!

This my answer from Conservativebyte.com About Obama backing Al Qaeda.