Adolf Hitler the real father of Universal Health Care

This article is from a article. And I agree with it. Some people have already told me that the Constitution will protect us from Obama Care and Obama. My answer is Obama from day one has never followed the Constitution and the Demo-rat and Rhino Republicans in both houses let him get away with destroying the Constitution. Obama can’t do all this destruction by himself he has the help of the Senate and the Congress and the Supreme Court. If it were not for Justice Roberts, all he had to do is say “No” that Obama Care is unconstitutional it would be gone. But he didn’t and there were dummies that thought he was smart calling it a tax. It is Not a tax, it should be called Murder Inc.

This is the Article about Hitler and Universal Health Care. I strongly believe that Obama and his Regime will incorporate all of it to cull the population for the Elite Politicians and the Super Rich like the Clinton’s, Bush Family, the Rockefeller’s. Senators like Diann Feinstein, John McCain, Reid and all of them also the millionaires  and billionaires in Congress. And Obama and Biden who became billionaires when with the help of Tim Geithner, who is a agent for China and the best money launderer in the world to hide Obama and Biden’s billions in a Chinese Bank that we could never investigate.

Have you ever noticed that our Politicians always have a cure for any disease. Example: Dick Chaney needed a new heart he got one 20 years ago and still is alive and kicking.
Condilicia Rice was said to have contracted Cancer,  a week later she was clean. Do you think that you will be cured with Obama Care. No you will die.

Remember Obama Care was thought up by people with sick minds intended to kill most of the population to save money. The people that are going to run Obama Care all will have an ax to grind against mankind, the feeling of the power of life and death in their hands will make them feel like god and pick and chose who will live and who will die. People are more dangerous to each other when they have the power of life and death in their hands. You might get medical treatment if you can give these handlers enough money to make sure you get a good Doctor. Graft will run run unchecked as long as they cut up the money with all involved in running Obama care. And we the people will have to die top please King Obama and his Regime. To bad most of America are White Racists and can’t think out of the box. The rest are to stupid to look up and see what is going on because they are too interested in drinking, nave casual sex, and doing dope and getting free hand outs from the Obama Government. This is what is going to happen here in the United States of America: This is the article and this will happen here.

Otto von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany and a dictator in his own right, started socialized healthcare in 1883 with the Richsevsicerungsverordung or Reich Insurance  Act. However, only certain segments of society were insured at that time. It was Adolf Hitler, who actually imposed socialized healthcare on the entire German population, as a part of nazification, ( now Obamafication) of the healthcare industry,and for that reason he should  rightly be called the real father of universal healthcare. This collective universal healthcare concept was called “racial hygiene.” This is history that people have largely forgotten, because it is inconvenient for many to remember it.

Hitler also literally rolled out, via panzer, his now universal healthcare to occupied France, Belgium and the Netherlands. ( here ion America it will state by sate by Fema and other gun tooting police government forces that will put the gun to your head and pull the trigger if you don’t cooperate)- those countries with mainly “Aryan” populations. Hitler put universal healthcare in place in those countries that he wished to aryanize and perfect by eliminating physical/mental defects in the populations via sterilization and medical killing. ( Read Rohm Emanuel’s  brother Ezekiel Emanuel writings on how to cull the population, but not them only us we the people. He talks just like Hitler.)
The point is that universal healthcare gives any Government enormous power that can be misuse ( and it will be) if the wrong people are in control, (they are in control every stupid racist and pseudo intelligent Psychopath in Washington DC) not that it is administered the same now as in Nazi Germany. This is too much power to centralize in the hands of the Government because go governments go bad. 

The firsst mass murders of the Holocaust were carried out in the socialized German hospitals and the techniques for mass murder were developed there. Several hundred thousand handicapped and mentally ill persons were murdered in Hitler’s universal heal;healthcare system. Retarded and mentally ill children were euthanized and the T$ project did the same for the handicapped, mentally ill and elderly adults. in his orders permitting medical killing, hitter called them mercy killing and the lives not worth living. In this way Germany produced great savings in healthcare, not only due to the extermination of existing patients, but many ill persons and their families became afraid top even check into the hospitals. (Our government wants to save money, the only way is to kill off most of the Population in the USA. Dashel who works for the health industry as a lobbyist wrote this one for Obama Care)

Robert Jay Lifton,  author of “The Nazi Doctors” points out that the extermination of the Jews and others of different ethnic groups was itself seen as a medical solution, a medical procedure for the Collective (us) healing of the Aryan race by elimination of the Jewish infection of Aryan blood. So the entire Holocaust can be different ethnic groups was itself seen as a medical solution, a medical procedure for the collective (us in Obama Care) healing of the Aryan race by elimination of the Jewish infection of Aryan blood. So, the entire Holocaust can be seen as an extension of Hitlercare. ( Just like Obama Care) From that point of view, it is estimated that about 10 million people were murdered under Hitlercare. ( Obama Care should kill according to Bill Ayers and his bunch, 25 thousand people a month should die or put to death under Obama Care, and it will happen) including six million Jews. ( remember Obama is a Jew hater among other groups of people Christians fall into this group) The Nazi plan was ultimately to exterminate about 25 million Jews and Slavs in Eastern Europe in fulfillment of the so-called racial hygiene (in our time Social Justice, for the Blacks) principle of the German universal healthcare system.

Because resources are limited, the concept  of Universal Healthcare requires the Government to make decisions (who will live and who will die, that is the Black mentality thinking. The best way is to kill people to save money, don’t produce a cure it is easier to kill them then to cure them Z Emanuel writings look him up)  on the distribution of healthcare that will theatrical that will determine the survivability of different groups in society. (The Survivors will be the rich the Presidents their cabinets,  Senators and Congressmen and there families, not ours, their staff. That is,  the welfare of the collective and the government priorities are placed above that of the rights of  any individual. ( that is the end of the Constitution of the United States of America with Obama Care)

This is the inherent evil of the universal healthcare. It gives the Government the right to decide life and death for entire classes of society, as opposed to individuals contracting for their own healthcare. This is why Hitler liked universal healthcare so much that he imposed in ion conquered countries. ( in America it will be the States, we no longer have control over our senators or Congressmen or Presidents, they do as they want and screw want the people want we are to stupid and we should all become more stupid for them to control us, that is why they are willing to kill all they can of us so we can’t take back our Government restore the Constitution and our freedom. And they and their families will rule over us forever, our families will just be slaves to them with no education and brain washing and subliminal massaging) not because he was so concerned for the well being of the subjected peoples, but because it him the power over entire classes of people to decide, who lives and who dies. It will give King Obama the power to engineer the composition of society to his own malicious requirements. Entire classes of people can be killed- or allowed to die- with no judicial process being necessary. (Traitor John McCain and all the progressive Senator Traitors passed a law that anyone of us can be picked up by the Government for any reason and whisked away and no body can find out where you are and you get no lawyer, no  judicial ruling. And  who knows if they kill you right away to save money. But this is not for the Traitors who passed Obama Care, just we the people.) This is death panels on steroids.

This is also reason that Obama and others in the Government want universal healthcare so desperately. The socialist elite need to be able to ignore the rights of the individual to engineer their new utopian society. For that purpose, the same kind of centrally controlled healthcare system that Hitler used is required. (to be used on us Obama and our Senators and Congressmen are capable for killing as many of us we the people and sleep good at night. Bi Government at work, nobody is going to get free anything. In the Socialist Utopia  if you contribute you die. Read Z. Emanuel’s writings it’s all there, Bill Ayers can be Himmler with the death camps)

I am wrong about Adolph Hitler being the father of Socialized medicine it is Lenin, who Hitler copied it from. Because Lenin said that Socialized Medicine is the first step to control the population and kill them off when it is needed.