When is Obama going to be Impeached?

The Congress will not impeach Obama because they are afraid to be called a Racist. That is a great problem when you elect a Black person to any sort of power. Also the Congressmen have made a ton of money for themselves by going along with Obama. Obama will be President or Ruler for life, because the Republicans wont back a real candidate. I think the Republican Party go out of their way to loose the Presidencies. They all talk the same thing, Taxes’ . We the people are sick and tired of hearing about lies and Bull Shit, they all do the same thing, stick to we the people.

Watch the movie “all the Kings Men” with Broadwick Crawford. The Republicans say exactly the same thing, act the same way and loose. People don’t want hear about taxes, we all ready know that the taxes will never come down but get higher, because the Presidents will not cut the Bureaucracies in half to start with or eliminate a Bureaucracy who does nothing. The Department of Energy, the Department of Education which is teaching stupidity because minorities can’t learn, the FDA which puts on the market medicine that does more harm then good. They all get bribes, in stock, new million dollar homes, vacations, you name it and they take it at our expense. I can write a 5000 thousand page book on what is wrong with our Government, and so can anyone else who has some brains. But no one will stop the Government from destroying our Country that we elect. We the people must arm ourselves and stop the Government from destroying our Country and our lives so that they can Rule us.

Then their is the question, who is the sub-government that tells everyone what to do to make it look real, when it is fixed to destroy our country.