Obama Government looking for ways to deplete the population

All progressives Globalist want population control, that means to kill you at there will,  so they can control you! The less people the more Control the Government has over you. But it is OK that the Government can kill you, but not them or their families. Only ours. Nice guy Obama and the Federal Government that wants to kill most of we Americans.

Kill the Seniors first then work on the White population, because the Black and Brown population are easy to control,because they are used to having¬† Government support them because they can’t do anything on their own. They don’t mind having the Big G. foot on their neck. The Latinos have always been ruled by Government who thinks nothing of killing them. Like our Government is heading that way. It is time to start thinking about taking that power away from Obama and the Big Government people. They are all Globalist Elitists. The Federal Government is the Carbon foot on our Freedom they don’t want us to have freedom, they have caused everything that is bad in America.

The depletion Obama wants and Big Government wants to to kill off all the White people except the Senators and Congressmen as long as they go along with him.