UN Telling Obama to stop stand your ground Law

The UN hasn’t taken over the USA as yet. But Obama and the Clinton’s and that whole gang are ready for the UN to take over America. Our Government has already given the UN our Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and our children to die for them. Not to protect America, as our Traitor Politicians would want us to believe. It’s all about destroying the United States of America. Wars Cost billions, that we pay not the UN, it costs millions of lives, 90% are White. Which is what Obama and this Progressive Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans, led by that great Traitor John McCain, to die so there won’t be anyone coming up to challenge and President, Senator or Congressmen. Our own Government is the enemy of we the people. We have been in constant war for almost a hundred years. Millions of men have died. 90% White and 10% Black or any other Race. Look it up I did. The UN better stay out of America.