The real Enemy.

Obama is going to attack Syria between 09/21/13 and 09/23/13 We can not ever believe or trust our Presidents, Senators or Congressmen again. They are the enemy and they and they alone have created all the wars all the unrest in the United States of America and now the World.  They and they alone have destroyed we the people of the United States, we the people have to really look at the dysfunctional people we are voting for. They are no smarter then any of us they are evil devious people who have their own agenda of what they want for a Government. They think they are supposed to tell us how to live what to think who to marry how to raise  our children. They lie, cheat, blackmail, beg for money, they can buy and sell us ten times over. They have made themselves above we the People, they are the new Kings and dukes and earls of old and we are their slaves, to work like dogs so they can tax us to death, and take away everything we own for their good not ours. They are Traitors to America and we the people. They have sold us out to the enemy. They are the enemy.