Islam, chopping off heads in Syria

Obama, McCain, Graham, Boehner are Obama’s rubber stamp to fund these Muslim  savages, with money, arms and support from the USA. No one in our Government is stopping our white/negro President and his gang traitors are stopping Obama from doing anything he wants and that includes murder in the first degree. To the media he is a hero, to stupid people he is their new god and they have their children praying to him.

The President murders over a million babies a year in this country alone by law and he made sure that he gives our tax dollars in the billions to support other Countries to murder their   unborn babies. These atrocities that are committed by the Muslims our President supports is nothing but a bump in the road; how about Obama atrocities here in America, The same thing he said when he had Ambassador Stevens and the Seals killed, and he and Clinton watched live and refused to give them help to save their lives. Obama is a cold heartless  killer who has no compassion for anyone or anything but himself. As long as he gets his way.

You can tell us all the atrocities that Obama has caused in his 5 years as President and no one has the guts to stop him or his Regime. The President in 5 years has murdered more children then Hitler, Stalin, go all the back into history then any of these Beasts of mankind ever did.  Our Government did and all by the law of the land.

Our Senators and Congressmen and the Supreme are no different then he is a killer by law. Obama Care is another killing tool by law. If you have money to invest invest in Funeral Homes and Crematoriums, there will be so many people being murdered by Obama that the Government will have a hard time disposing of the bodies, Hitler had the same problem.

Obama is going to bomb Syria on the 21st to the 23rd of Sept. and kill more innocent people, another bump in the road. Obama is all out to kill the Jews and Christians in the middle East so the Muslim Brotherhood, run by King Abdula of Saudi Arabia can control all of the Middle-East and the oil. And make Obama billions of dollars for his own pocket, and use our troops as whores for the Muslims fighting their tribal wars.

We are informed that Obama is a true Traitor but who is going to stop this narcissistic maniac who knows nothing about Politics or any thing else but self indulgence.  Start telling us what we can do to stop this guy. One way and we who are true Americans can stop all the Traitors who rare running this Country into the ground. Don’t pay your taxes. The IRS cannot put a couple million people in jail let alone prosecute us if there is no money for them. We need a strong leader and a man who is for the United States of America only, and we the real people. Not these wishy washy Republicans who ring their hand s about taxes. I don’t the Republicans want a Republican President.

You want to see how to loose an election watch the part of Broadwick Crawford’s movie, ” All the Kings Men” a great example how to loose and election.