From the Cowboy Byte…Chicago police Chief call for ban on all weapons.

Why disarm the people. Arrest the bad guys the police know who they are and where they are. The Chicago Police Superintendent  is just another Daley/ Emanuel progressive Demo-rat preaching the Demo-rat dogma. Take away the peoples right to defend themselves so the Gang Bangers and drug dealers along with the Gang Bangers who got their people elected to the City Counsel, are the War Lords of the 21st  Century in all the big Cities like Chicago, they control the Police Department and the Mayor and they will have a free rain to kill and rob as many people as they can. Sell all the Drugs they want freely with out interference from the Police.

The Police will stand by and do nothing. There is a lot of money in Drugs and how do you know that the Police Chief didn’t belong to a Gang and is protecting them like all the Mayors have done in the past. Take away the peoples right to own and carry a gun now in the 21st century,  is a huge mistake you have to own a gun to save your life. Owning a gun is  like buying a new pair of shoes. Because the Politicians have destroyed all civilized humanity and we are going backwards  in time to when the savages ruled for money and power. America is becoming a Third World Africa. It is not the gun that kills people, it is not a 30 round clip that kills the people. It is the corruption of the City of Chicago and the Gangs that the Mayor and the Aldermen, and Ward Committeemen that protect the Criminals  and cut up the millions of dollars in drug money that is in the City of Chicago.

How much payoff money does the Chicago police Chief get for his end to protect the Drug Dealers. How much money does Enamel  get for protecting the Criminals. Why hasn’t the Police in Chicago stopped all the killings, because they are told to stand down, by the Mayor and the City Council. Just put on a show. No guns to the people to protect themselves from the Criminals.  So that the Drug dealers and can operate freely.,

The Mayor and the City Counsel want Chicago to become the hub of all the drug traffic to go through to the rest of the United States and they can extract more money from the Mexican Drug cartels and the South America Drug Cartels. Easy money that cost a few people their lives, like Obama and the Demo-rats always say, It’s only a bump in the road, or Clinton “Whats the difference…their four Americans dead… so what! This is where we are at now, life is cheep and means nothing.

Look at the people who are killing their own people, and who in groups of a couple hundred rob the stores in Chicago and no arrests. Who are the people that savagely attack white people for no reason, that is called Social Justice and murder them for no reason. All of this has come about since Bush helped the Demo-rats and Obama get elected. Our Country is going into the dark ages, now crime rules. The people of this country and the City of Chicago better wake up fast and buy their guns to protect themselves against the Politicians and the Police that protect the gangs of Chicago.

In the Wards and where the Black people live they have to barricade their houses with Iron fences 110 feet high and bar their windows with iron. They created their own hell, all by themselves with the help of the Demo-rats.   This is Big Government and Progressive Communism run by our Congressmen and Senators at work.  Cull as many people as you can anyway you can,  so only the Elites that run the Government are allowed to live like King and Queen Obama, and the people become slaves or worse. Soylent Green.

Why doesn’t  McCarthy call for a ban on all Gang Bangers and Drug Dealers all corruption, including Police Superintendents, Mayors and all the Aldermen and Ward committeemen in Chicago and all the police. Because the money and the votes is too good to let loose. And the Demo-rats rule.