Governor wants National Guard in Chicago

The Governor gets his end because he is part of the City f Chicago’s Demo-rat party.It’s only a dog and pony show for the Nation.

That’s because Chicago has always had no guns laws, you couldn’t buy a gun in the City of Chicago and still can’t. Old man Daley’s Demo-rat agenda. Protect the Criminal first. Now all the Alderman from the Black and Latino wards are all Gang Bangers that are in the City Council and run the City. They Control all the drug traffic that goes into the City. And the Black bag payoff starts with the Mayor and works it’s way down to the Police and down State Politicians , and their are Policemen who are Gang Bangers. We have one in Congress one of the biggest Gang Bangers of the Latin Kings, congressman Gutierrez. Big time Gang Banger. It’s all about making money hand over fist and run by the City of Chicago It doesn’t matter how many people they kill they won’t go to jail.. Emanuel is now the leader. They even, like in Africa, recruit small boys 9 and 10 years old to become assassins.

They are the new War Lords of the 21st century in a civilized country like the USA. As soon as the Progressive Communist Government has taken away our guns Obama, will unleash them on the public with the help of the normal Police and the Government Police to attack we the people who won’t give up our right to own a gun to protect our selves from the Governments, Federal first and all City and Country and State Governments who will control us.¬† The Criminals¬† will be working for the Obama Government and the Progressives, because Obama will be King of the United States forever before 2016. That will happen because of the 47% stupid voters and the rest who refuse to come out and vote for some one else.