Obama can only campaign with Children

Obama never speaks to the real people of the United States, he talks to College kids 18 to 22 with very little life experience.  They are brain washed by Professors who hate America and all that it stands for. They want the United States destroyed just like Obama.

Obama goes to these Colleges and the children look at him like he is a “Rock Star” he talks to them with his jive talk and they cheer him. They are stupid they are his dupes that will vote for their own demise, slavery, and no job. No health care no nothing is coming their way.

Obama talks his smart mouth bull S… he down grades every one the Republicans, he blames the Tea Party for everything,  he points the finger at everyone who won’t cooperate with his destruction of America and the dumb 18 and 19 year olds cheer him. Stupid they don’t know what the cheering for.

Obama always has picked people with people lined up in back of him to make us think that people are for him. The Union thugs and people are, the Government employes are forced to attend and the News Media and the entertainment people can’t waith until the United States falls.

Come 2016 Obama will declared King of the Northern Hemisphere. That will also include everything South of the Border. We can thank all the 18 to 50 year olds for the fall of America. When they see what is going to happen to them everyone will cry foul and say they didn’t support Obama but they did. They also come from households that love Obama.