Government Police Paranoid


It seems like all Government police departments suffer from Paranoia and are ready to shoot to kill anyone who they think committed any sort of Crime. Couldn’t these great marksmen shot out the tires of the car, put a bullet into the radiator and that will stop any care within a few minutes. Where is the Black committee in an out rage over this Black women being murdered by the Government Police? What the difference between their out rage over a Travon and this Black women with a child in her car? Is it because all the Black members of congress and the Senate wont do anything because it was done under Obama’s Progressive Demo-rat Regime and that makes it OK? Where is the ACLU to fight for this women’s right to be alive today? She wasn’t armed, and when the car came to a finial they shot her through the window. Talk about Terrorist what do you think the DC paranoia Government Police are.Third world thugs in the Nations Capital. A good lawyer could get millions suing Obama’s Big Government Police. But they will have already put together the lies that will condone this murder. The Federal Government is the true enemy of the free people of the United States.

What about this one. One of our few WWII veterans cuts the chain  at the WWII Memorial the Government Police will shoot him down because he crossed the line and he is now considered a Terrorist. While the real Terrorist’s get Cart Blanch  from the Government Police and Holder’s office. Nice Country we have and it’s going to worse.