A Third Party?

We don’t need a third party to combat the traitors we have in Washing DC. What has to happen is the Progressive Republicans should declare themselves what they are Progressive Demo-rats!

A Third Party would give the Progressive Demo-rats and Republicans a leg up. It would be a three way race which is what you don’t want, because the Third Party would loose every time. That is true Politics.

Defund the Republican Party, don’t send to them not one dime. No money the Republican Party  can’t give money to their Progressive candidates, as they do now.  The John McCain’s and Graham’s  , and all the rest of the Senator and Congressional Progressive Candidates of the Republican Party have to go to the Party they support and that is the Communist Demo-rat Traitor Party. Because that is  what they really are.

They put on “Dog&Pony shows” to sucker us in like they are really doing some thing and they care. But they don’t give a crap about our Country or our Constitution or our Freedom and think that we are all lazy dummies looking for a hand out. Why do you think that Obama can say and do anything he wants, even go past the Congress, because they are all for Communism. Boehner and Cantor and their Republicans help Obama destroy our Country.  Remember, and  Doctor Carson on Fox, read from the Communist Manifesto that Lenin wrote, ” to control the people and complete Socialism, and Communism you  have to have Socialized Medicine, Today Boehner and Cantor and the Progressive Republicans, including Paul Ryan, to double crossed the people. Us.

All these Republicans Senators and Congressmen,   are old guard, let’s make a deal and screw the people and we can get wealthier by selling out the people and the Country to the highest bidder.  Except for men like Cruz and a few others from the Tea Party Republicans.

Stop funding the Republican Party. Glen Beck is right. Also the last thought from Bill Clinton to remind everyone where the Clinton’s that Obama’s and the Progressive’s  are coming from. This is right of  Big Bill Clinton’s mouth. “The American People will get used to Communism” How about that for Traitors to this Country.