Air Force Academy to drop “So help me GOD”?


Why should the Air Force drop so help me God. Because Valry Jarrett said so or that Mechelle Obama said so or because our Muslim Traitor President said so. Destroy tradition and instill the new thinking.  Right out of the Communist Manifesto, look it up. I did.Who else wants this the ACLU?

Why don’t we have the name of the people who want this. Only the people who want to destroy our Country want this. King Obama and his Senators and Congressmen. Demo-rat and Republicans who all belong to the same club that Obama belongs too. We the people are going to let five hundred people destroy our lives, our freedom, our Constitution? make us a Third World lawless Country, where we the honest people will slaves to a Government that is not our Government.

Obama wants a Civil War we should give it to him and the rest of the Traitors who run this Communist Government. And don’t ever forget the Professors of Hate America and all that we stand for.