China and Japan going to War?


Let them kill each other. We don’t want to throw away our children in a “no Win War between China and Japan. They haven’t declared War on America…yet. Let them kill each other.

Obama would like to see a no win war like this so he could spend billions of dollars we don’t have to brake the Country. Kill more soldiers for nothing. We give China 280million gallons of fresh water every day, again helping the enemy first. Their Water is so polluted you can’t even bath in it. China has been using the China Sea as their toilet for centuries, that’s why the water is polluted.  That’s why the water in the great lakes is going down, not that phony climate change Bull shit that the Government want’s us to believe.  And Obama and the Demo-rats are claiming.

We are supposed to go to War over some crummy islands off the cost of China and Japan. Let the Chinese and Japs fight it out. The United States of America, Or our Presidents gave both Countries the best killing forces they have. Ships, Planes and guns and training. They don’t need us to get into another war we don’t belong in. Let them all die. When I see our Presidents and their Cabinets, along with the Traitor Senators and Congressmen pick up an AR and lead fight in a War leading our troops in the front so they can get killed and mangled, then go to War for nothing as long as they and their children lose their lives first.

Where’s that great pig Susan Surandon, Socialist screaming about a War. Our children are going die for nothing.  No where because it is her chosen Communist Demo-rat party that makes all the no win wars with the UN.

Where our the son’s of Liberty, the Minute Men of this Country?