2014 Obama Care is here…good by Freedom


Obama care, is in reality Murder Inc. and we pay for it. Wait when the death panels tell you, you get no treatment. And preexisting illnesses will not count. In a few years there will be no senior citizens, and people with life treating diseases will be treated with the Blue Pill. Not a Doctor. It’s called “Culling Society”. A legal way for Government to commit murder of it’s Citizens. It is a tax law, ask Chief Justice Roberts.  Now with Obama Care we can kiss our Constitution and our freedom and our Country good-by. Obama and all the Progressive Demo-rats and Rhino Communist Republicans now will make sure the our Country is gone. In this change of Government millions of people will die to satisfies 500 and something Traitors that has destroyed our Country. But we have to blame your selves because you voted for this Traitor to kill you.  This is what happens in all Countries that go from Freedom to slavery.