Black’s Knock out punch, get the Jews

Crown Heights, in Brooklyn New York, Laurie Cumbo. (sounds Italian?) Council women for her Black Community says, ” The reason the Blacks are using knock punches against the Jews  is they are afraid of the Jews because they are moving to close to their neighborhood. 99% of the American Jews are good people who don’t think in the box,  like Black people using that kind of violence.

Well here’s another White/ Negro voted to this City Council. Hate the Jews hate the White people and hate America. She is a Progressive ( code word for Communism) make her way up the ladder of Politics to get to Congress or the Senate to help Obama destroy America and in her mind make America a Black Utopia where the Blacks are in full control to meet out Socialist Justice first kill the Jews then the White people. The Blacks are all raised right. Their homes teach hate the Jews and White people, their ministers preach hate.  Jackson, Shaprton and the rest of the Black Caucus teach hate all White people. Knocking out White people is like the American Indians making a (I think the word is Cue)  on the white Settlers to show their bravery. It’s OK for the Black people to cold cock the Jews they are afraid of them their so mean and tough.

This Black Racists at it’s best. Obama’s kind of girl. The Jews better be careful when Obama stays Ruler for ever, and they are the one’s who gave Obama their money and turned the Vote so he could win. When Obama and the Progressives take over the Jews are the first ones who will be put to death by laws that Obama will have passed to kill them legally. Remember Obama said he found his calling, He’s good at killing people. Hillary Clinton hates the Jews also, look who her chief of staff is. A Muslim Brotherhood female. Who did Hillary side with? The Muslim Brotherhood.

Anytime the a Country turns from free to slave millions of people have to die. Bill Ayers and his group of hate America said they would have to kill at least 25 thousand  people a month to get Communism to work.  Hanoi Jane screamed at at college of graduating students to on their knees and pry the they become communist. I don’t see Hanoi Jane giving up her money to the poor and live in a Black community with the rest of the so called poor. May be she thinks like Obama, it’s good the real people but for them, the super rich. Double standard.

Be ready to fight Obama’s green army. Shoot for the head.