Mandela Radical Communist

Finely some one has come out and said what Mandela really was. Reverend Hammond who knew Mandela and dealt  with him for years.  This is true, not the propaganda that was and is put out by the Communist Party and the politically correct people, and Freeman’s movie showing Mandela as a good guy. who love Communist Utopia, for the rest of us but not them.  How could the people of South Africa vote for this degenerate in time after time. The people of South Africa are weak minded, or forced to vote for Mandela or be killed. Mandela’s wife while he was in jail ran a gang of thieves  and murders in South Africa while he was in jail. Obama comes from the same stock only worse.

Obama must have taken lessons from Communist President Medela and the Communist Party it self. Obama is a strong advocate of Abortions, Pornography, and HOMOSEXUALITY. Maybe Mandela was his father. Obama says he likes to kill people like Mendela. I always knew what Obama was. I read about him before he even was a Senator in Illinois. He was for all the same things all the Communist leaders of the world are for. Every thing that is evil on this earth Obama is for it. Mandela was a rat also. It is because he is Black, that the dummies like him. Political Correctness. Put the Black  people on a pedestal, that they don’t belong on. Or is it just because of Communism taking over the World, through our, Progressive Demo-rats and the UN that want to rule the World.

We the people of the only country that is not a Socialist/Communist country better take up our right to destroy a Government against the people punishes the people, tax the people to death, is ready to steal our money from our bank accounts, is ready to murder as many people as they have to to destroy the United States of America before it is too late.

Obama along with the Progressive Demo-rats and republicans are Traitors to our Country and should be dealt with the same way they are going to deal with us. No Mercy!