Are we going to submit

Are we going to submit to Obama and the Progressive Demo-rats and Republicans that our taking away our freedom. Are we going to submit to the Government taking away our guns to protect our selves from these Tyrants and  Traitors who want to destroy the middle class. Are we going to submit to a tyrannical Government  who is going to pick and chose who will live and who will die through Obama Murder Inc. Care. Are we going to submit to our redistribution of our money to the poor? There are no poor in America. The poor in America drive around in the most experiences cars on the market, get free housing that they destroy and make a mockery of liven like human beings and turn there children  into a savages Racists, killing communities. They get free education, free food , free housing free medical. The illegals, Mexicans and Muslims get it all free also. Our Progressives Government at work over loading the system and kill our Country to turn it into the lowest nation in the World.

We the middle class because of the Federal Progressives Government is making sure that we have no money, by higher taxes in everything from income tax to food clothing, electricity you name and the Progressives Congress first lead by the tax Queen Nancy Pelosi and now the Rhino Republicans John Boehner. Gas Prices too high, a 40 cent Government tax on every gallon of gas and they want to double that soon. Higher taxes is right out the Lenin manifesto of Communism, and kill millions of people once they take over. Man is corrupt by nature and given half a chance when they get control will make them selves rich on the backs of their fellow man and destroy his fellow man with in a blink of and eye and never give it a second thought. As long as his pockets are full of money and he has the power. Term Limits. The Government is worse the any criminal organization because they have the power to change the law to suite them selves not for us. To work against us. To enslave us to their will of what they want not what we want. The Government is controlled by the super rich and they are becoming the super rich at our expense and our freedom and our lives.

Are we going to submit to letting 80 thousand illegal immigrants into this country as citizens  to support them as we do now. There are no jobs in America. Mexico has more American jobs then we do. Mexico sends the bust outs here for their free hand out. Mexico is not a friend of America. We have no friends in the world only people who hate and envy  us, take our money that the stupidity no the Government give to our enemies to ,make them strong and we weak as a country.  They want us destroyed and our Presidents and Congressmen and Senators are helping them.

The poor and the Illegals  get $1500 a month per child, along with the people on the Government dole, also all the Muslims get that and more becasue the Government, with our taxes support the Muslims other three wives and their children. All this is being done and has been done to destroy us. Are we going to let this happen or ,are we going to rise up as one and destroy those who want to destroy us?

The working people get nothing. And we the middle class pay for it all. Not the Government becasue they don’t earn money or create jobs they are the vermin who steal our money and make them selves rich and make us poor . They are the ones who drive prices up to punish the middle class ,and destroy this country. They are the ones who kill our children in wars they create and know that it is a no win war fought against countries that didn’t attack us. Except for Saudi Arabia, they were the ones who crashed into the twin towers. The Clinton administration helped them get free flight training.    They are the ones who create an enemy of  America where there is no enemy. They are the ones who now control almost every aspect of our lives. They are the ones who gave Obama all the power with their help to make this country and make into a third world country. Not us,them. They are the thieves and murders of us and our freedom.  The Progressive Demo-rats now control all the votes. They only need a few states to win any Presidential election. All they have to do is make sure that State is run by the Progressives Demo-rats, and they have all, the votes they need. Because they steal votes and people vote more then once. They fixed the voting so they will win by extending the vote two weeks ahead of time so they can vote and vote again. Voting was never like that before Obama and the Demo-rat Party took over after George Bush sold the America people out to the Progressives and the New Woprld order.  Communism and the New World Order is only for the super rich. Not for the people.

The Progressive Communist Government control new inventions, new life saving drugs for us, while they sell us out to to the drug companies for money that is laundered through off shore banks. Our Government make our enemies rich while making us poor . Our Unions help to destroy our country by forcing wages so high that companies move to China, Mexico, South America, eery Foreign Country, even Vietnam makes clothes now that are sold in America and they with the help ,of our Government and the UN killed over 50 thousand our of soldiers. Our Government is the enemy of all the people in the United States of America. Obama is now getting ready to kill, as many of us as he can. Through his private army and the Bureaucracies. FEMA, IRS. all police Government agencies.

When are we going to wake up and take our country back, and do to the Presidents and the Progressives in and out of Government that they want to do to us. Kill us, who will not give up our freedoms! They reserved the same. The Government doesn’t care about you, your children or our families they are destroying the family strutter. They help the enemy of mankind in this country, the criminals the Muslims, they are trying to destroy our Christianity. They are bombarding us with with propaganda, mind control subliminal messaging to sway our thinking . To love and depend on the Government, and Obama who talks out of both sides of his face. He is a true traitor and a one eyed jack. Who works against our Country. He bypasses the Congress and they let him get away with with becasue they fear him and someone saying that are racists. You not criticizing  a White/Negro President. The Presidents have no color. You are criticizing a stupid man, if you can call Obama a man.

Arm yourselves and be ready to defend not only our country but our selves our homes and our families and our freedom..