Muslims agents in america


It appears that since Clinton, Bush and Obama our Government and the Bureaucracies, including the State Department have done all they can to import the enemy, the Muslims, and illegals  into this country to help with our destruction form the only free country in the world that is not Communist or Socialist to a Communist/ Socialist Country.  To bring terrorism right here and the Terrorist will not be prosecuted because of Obama and Holder sympathize with the Muslims.   IT is apparent  that our Senators and Congressmen are asleep and don’t have a clue what is going on. Or they let the Presidents do as they please and to hell with the people. To hell with the people freedom or ,our Constitution, destroy America. They are rich and have money to live here and live where ever they want.  They just pass laws to punish the real citizens of America. They go out of their way to have full control over our lives. They go out of their way to make sure those that work don’t have any extra money in their pockets by taxing us to death. (Communist Doctrine) They want to take away our right to own a gun. Another Socialist/ Communist Doctrine. Who does the Government attack, not the Terrorist or the criminals but the people.  Who does the News Media protect? The President, Obama because he is a Communist and he is Black, and his Communist Government.

And we the people are not enraged or even make an effort to  stop these Traitors from destroying us. Everybody is looking for a free hand out from the Government. The hand out is not free and we are the Government. It is our tax dollars that is handed out to people who don’t work for it. How much you want to bet that the Iranian agents that are here to kill us get free money and housing so they can go about their business of committing acts of Terror with out have to worry about making a living. Just like the Clinton Presidency let the Saudi’s train here to learn how to fly the Commercial jets that crashed into the Twin Towers and kill over 3 Thousand innocent people. Our Government is on the side of the enemy and help them to come into this Country. Our Government is OUR enemy.