Birpartisan vote Screws the Disable Veterans

Sure it’s OK to cut the money from the Veterans, but they the Senate and Congress don’t cut their pensions or their salaries. But they attack our Military who should be taken care of before them and all the money they give to our enemies in Foreign Countries. They won’t cut the money they give to the Illegal aliens, at $1,500 a pop for each child or the people on the Government dole. Or that we the tax payers of America support   the 3 other wives and children that the Muslims have.

So lets look at just a couple of elected Senators and Congressmen. Saxby Chambless spends over $250 thousand dollars a year playing golf. Nancy Pelosi when she was speaker of the house ran up bar bills worth over 190 thousand dollars a year, not including a very special 4 engine military jet plus escort fighters  to fly with her. That cost into the billions of our tax dollars. Obama just went on another vacation, that is going to cost us 400,million dollars a day. But they cut the budget for the Military and and the veterans, let them die like dogs or starve what do they care. Life in our new Progressive Government means nothing, it’s just a bump in the road.  Read what Socialism/ and Progressive Communism really is. It is here and it is now. Quote from cigar sucking Big Bill Clinton. The people of America will get used to Communism. But not the Clinton’s or any president, Senators or Congressmen, they are above we peasants who have to serve them.

Our soldiers are the ones giving up their lives and getting their bodies torn apart for the UN that our Presidents gladly give these lives for nothing. We don’t for the United States of America. Our Soldiers are used as whore that are expendable and their lives mean nothing to our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen Their children don’t fight in any shooting war, that no Country has attacked us. Afghanistan didn’t attack the USA, yet our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen let our children die for the UN and is for nothing. Now they went out of their way to cut their budget again. I am glad that Paul Ryan didn’t get elected as VP. He’s the number guy who figured out how to screw the Veterans and the Military. These same people who cut the budget to hurt the Military and we the people spend millions of dollars of our money on themselves and their families.

Our Senators and Congressmen go our of their way to hurt the working middle class and the Military of this Country first. The Presidents, Senators and Congressmen with the help of the Bureaucracies are our enemy. No one else, they are the ones destroying our Country. They are worse then any Mafia Organization ever was. They force us to pay for protection by big taxes, through the IRS, we don’t get the protection,  if we don’t pay we lose everything and go to jail. They rob the Treasury of our money, they Black male we the people into voting for the Progressives. They Commit murder by law. Obama says he is good  at killing people. Obama and every Demo-rat  voted for Murder Inc. Obama Care to kill more Citizens. These rats created a legal killing machine in this Country called abortion. Their Crimes go on and on. I could write a book how our Presidents and Senators, Congressmen,and the Supreme Court work to destroy our Country and commit crimes against us that they make law and get away it.

You know what a bipartisan vote is, it is where both sides get together as one. It’s called lets screw the people first last and always. These people our are enemy. No one else. All these men and women are Traitors to us and our Country.