Should we fear our Government


You bet we should fear our Government!

We should fear Obama and our Senators and Congressmen and the Bureaucracies they are arming them selves to attack us soon with all the guns and ammo Obama bought for them. As soon as Obama and the Senate and Congress destroy the 2nd Amendment the Government will start killing us. Be armed and be ready, they will show us no mercy we will not show them mercy. In the 21st Century we are fighting the same Revolution we fought against England for taxation with out representation, and no freedom. But it is backwards now, it is taxation with representation, our liberty, our freedom and our lives are being taken away from us right before our eyes and no is doing anything to stop them.. They are the  new Kings and Queens of 1776/2013, that are  destroying us and our Country.

Voting in November will work at the polls anymore because the Progressive/ Communist, Socialist have changed the way we used to vote. They fixed it to get Obama elected by falsely justifying voting 14 days before the real election.  They now have time to  steal  votes freely with no one to stop them because they are in control of everything.  The Illegals  who are not citizens are allowed to vote as many times as they want because they don’t have to show ID, like the rest of us. The Demo-rats have changed it to suit themselves knowing that the American people will not do a thing to stop them.

They are smart enough to control the key states with the most editorial votes to win the Presidency and most of the Progressives Congressmen and Senators. They don’t need the majority of the States to win. Obama will never leave the Presidency. Even the Republicans we have now like Paul Ryan and the rest of the Rhino’s will vote for Obama again to be President. They are all the same they have different names Demo-rats and Republicans and we should fear them and make sure they fear us. The People who want to be free of a Government run by Tyrants.

Merry Christmas to all. Keep your guns we keep our freedom. When Obama and our Senators and Congressmen start the Civil War lets show them what we real Americans are all about. There should be no mercy for them because they show no mercy to we the people, they only punish us every day with no mercy. Fight for the right of our freedom and our Constitution. IN GOD WE TRUST…not man or Government.