Paul Ryan and his budgets in favor of the Government


Also I always knew that Paul Ryan was a Politician first last and always, a Rhino, when he came up with a budget a couple years ago that said that he could cut¬† 1 trillion dollars in ten years. Give me a brake they, spent with Obama orders 5 trillion dollars in less then four years. Why can’t they cut 10 trillion dollars in the same amount of time. Our Government collects to much money in taxes now. The Congressmen, Presidents and Senators run the Government like it is a charity, their charity for them selves. With our money and their raising our taxes again. That’s Taxation with representation. That was one of the reasons we fought a Revolutionary War against the King of England and got our freedom. These people from the Presidents to the Senators and Congressmen and the Bureaucracies act like they are the Kings and Queens of the United States of America and we are their slaves and Serfs.

Also all the money you send them they get to keep and spend it on themselves. The best guy was exposed a couple years ago Senator Saqxby Chambless from Georgia spends 250 thousand dollars a year playing golf. I wonder how much money Rayna spends on himself or even the rest of the crooks. We know Obama just on this vacation to Hawaii  is spending 4 million dollars a day on himself. So who is going to stop these people? All they do is punish the people. We will have to stop them.