Wounded Warriors


I see red every time I see the ad on Television for Wounded Warriors when the guy with the black baseball cap says, with a tear in his eye., They fought for America. NO THEY DID NOT FIGHT FOR AMERICA OR OUR FREEDOM!!! THEY FOUGHT A  NO WIN WAR FOR THE UN!!!

We have been fighting Wars for the UN from 1951 in Korea to now. There is a clause in our Government that our decided that we will only fight NO WIN WARS. All our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen have had our children killed and butchered for  the last 64 years for the UN. The UN doesn’t work. From the time the UN came into power, thanks  to us, we have been at WAR, and have never stopped or won.

We have at no time fought for the United States of America.  No  country has declared War on us since 1941 that we have fought in. The UN declared War on them and used our Armies to fight for them who ever they are.  They are not friends of America, they vote against us all the time, but are happy to kill our Soldiers in their Wars.

Our Government, has known for 64 years that we have a NO WIN policy  that no one knows about, or our Government made sure it didn’t get out. But it did come out in a book called ” None Dare Call it Treason.” How many people read it besides me. Where are all the goodie two shoes movie stars, and stupid college kids to protest Obama’s and the UN wars killing and mangling our children in these phony wars. Where is that great actress Susan Sarandon, and  Hanoi Jane, the Communist Traitor that went our of her way to get four POW’s killed by being beaten to death. She is still a Communist. With tons of money that she won’t share like Communist Doctrine says you have to do. These people and all the rest of them worship Obama and his new Progressive anti American Communist Government and they freely give Obama 25 milliopn apiece to destroy our Country.

Now Senator McCain who is a war monger wants the UN wars to go on forever. He shout’s his venom that he wants us to win a war! As a Senator for most of his adult life and being on  the Military Committee he knows our policy is use our children as whores for the UN and not win a war.  I wonder how much money our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen get in kick backs form this pseudo dominant World Government. Our Government supplies 100,000 soldiers to 1 of any NATO Country.  Hay why not we have a lot of young people that can die for nothing!

Our Soldiers are not fighting to keep America safe from any enemy out side this Country. The enemy is here and it’s called the Federal Government .  They are fighting for the interests of the UN, their money, and their investments in the world. What is the difference that everyone complained about England and all the white European Countries controlling all the Third World Countries.  The New World, Bush family, Order. The UN with the help of the United States of America’s Presidents and Senators and Congressmen are doing the same thing as the Europeans did. The only difference is our Government has given to the UN our Armies and our Navies. And most of American population has their heads up their asses and don’t see or want to see that we are letting foreign powers kill off our youth by the thousands. For them, not us, not our Country.

The Federal Government loves this because soon there will be no White children to go into the Armed Forces because their won’t be any left. Also the more of the White children that die and come home to our Corrupt Progressive/Communist Government UN wars and  are  basket cases they don’t have to worry about any of the White population to challenge the Presidential seats or the Senator and Congressional seats because there will no one left. These young white people might just believe in the Constitution and our Freedom and a free market and will not sell their souls to the highest bidder like our Politicians have. Like the Rats we have now and have had for the last 100 years. The propaganda machine keeps rolling out the lies and about the Wars we just threw our children’s lives away for the UN and NO WIN WARS. When are you people going to wake up and see what our Progressive Government has done  to kill our children and make sure they get their arms and legs and blown off and come back physical and mental wreaks.  I am sure that to even the playing field as the Demo-rats call it have given the enemy, our soldiers are fighting, have given aid to the enemy to help kill our troops in secret information, guns training and money. Our Government has made sure we never fight  wars the way our soldiers have been trained to do. They put restrictions on them that give the enemy the advantage.  Our soldiers are killed for  the Progressive/ Communists dogma. Destroy America, it’s people and it’s Armed Forces. Obama with the help of every Demo-rat and Rhino Republican is doing a good job. By the time Obama, leaves office, which I think he will never leave, our Country is gone. Thanks to the most ignorant population on Earth.

90% of all the Military that have been killed or wounded from WWI to now is 90% White and 10% other. Look it up! I did, and it’s true. Government at it’s best. We die, our children die for our Government and all they can do is get wealthier and destroy our Country.  You think your going to win in 2014? Think again. In God we better trust.