2nd Amendment


This from a good friend of mine and I had to post it. This is for all  the liberal assholes including the Hollywood director, who makes millions of dollars making shoot’em up movies with lots of guns and lots of killings. Who said he was going to make a movie and destroy the NRA and the rest of us who believe in owning a gun of any kind to protect us from the Government who makes laws to protect the criminals first, and the Government itself right now run by a kind word to describe a Communist, Progressive Demo-rats and Republicans. They are all the same and want the same thing to destroy  the USA. The onkly difference is who is going to the dictators the Demo-rats or the Republicans. They  all push for the destruction and control of the only thing that keeps us free our right to bear arms, to fight our own Government, because they are our enemy, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus our Constitution which both Parties want to change to suit themselves not us. And this is the right statement to those assholes who believe in any kind of gun control. Two things we can’t control are the criminals, our paranoia police departments, civil and federal. Obama’s new Army that swears  allegiance   to him alone. That was put into Obama Care by the way, and no has read it yet.

Why doesn’t someone make a movie of how Obama and our Senators and Congressmen and our past Presidents, like “New World Order” Heil Hitler to the Bush family. How they want to destroy the United States of America and how much money they steal and the millions they get in bribes to pass laws that do not help the people of the USA. Boehner just picked up 902,000.00 in contributions funds  to pass some laws for AT&T and some wireless companies also from some banks and it’s income tax free. A famous line from the movie the history of the world when the Roman Senators were talking about passing a law or something to do with money. One guy asked, “what about the people’ and the leader like Boehner and Reid said, “F…k the People” And that is our Government, it hasn’t changed since BC. F..k the People. And we don’t even get it greased.

This is a quote from my friend:
Hey, here is something to point out to anti-gun people: The 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

What most people DO NOT  comprehend is “…….THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE……”

It doesn’t state the “right of a well regulated militia…..”

It is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE…….so tell the anti-gun people to learn how to read!