Al-Qaeda back in Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda is coming back in Afghanistan. That was from Patriot Update. This is from me.

Al-Qaeda is coming back because Obama, Hillary Clinton brought them back by giving them money and arms, the same way Congressman Wilson did for the Afghans when they were at War with the Russians. That makes Obama and Clinton, the CIA and Kerry are Traitors becasue the these same  people are killing our troops with the help of Obama.

I forgot to add John McCain is now the front man for communicating with the enemy. Many years ago John McCain said that he was going to serve his country by becoming a Senator. He never said he would serve the people! And he does serve the Government against the people and that makes him a Traitor. He swore as a Senator and a service man that he would up hold the freedom of our country and the Constitution. Not the Presidents or their Regimes. The Republic of the United States of America. When I joined the Marine Corps in 1951, I swore the same thing. Not the Communist President we have now or any President. The freedom of the people, the Constitution and defend our Country against all enemies of our Nation and that includes a Government against we the people which we have had for a long time.