Is Obama, Presidnet, Dictator, Tyrant, King or Traitor

This was a question asked on the Internet.

Yes Obama is all those things!

Obama didn’t become President, King, Tyrant, Traitor and Dictator all by himself. He has the full cooperation of the News-Media, Hollywood, all the radical left wing  organizations and Colleges and their Professors who teach Communism and hate America that are against the United States that our Government supports with money. And the Votes stolen by the Demo-rats that run the elections in each State, in the United States of America. Before I forget, Obama also has the full support of the Supreme Court and all the Buracrcies that are Governments by themselves that Congress can’t and will not stop making laws that hurt our Freedom and our Country.

Obama also has the complete cooperation of the Senate and Congress, and the 47% free loaders, low information voters, all the Unions, 90% of the Black vote, who only vote color, even though he is causing genocide against the Black people in favor of the Illegal  Mexicans and Muslims. Who our Government gives trillions of dollars too, to help destroy our Country.

Also Obama and his Regime help and cooperate with our enemies and give them money and gives the latest technology too. Obama gave the OK to Putin to move on the Crimea and the Ukraine. Remember when he told the President of Russia, “when I get elected again I’ll have more latitude to help Putin.” Now at this moment Russia is setting up Bases In Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, and other South and Mid American Countries. All this  with the help of Obama and  the help of the Senate and the Congress.

Obama  has destroyed our Military and their  ability to even defend our own Country by destroying our Armed Forces.  They can’t even defend themselves against the Muslims in the Middle -East, who Obama is giving money and training too with the help of John McCain serving his leader. And we the Gutless Americans voters let him get away with this. We don’t march against this Communist Government or Obama. We are the Government! Not Obama or the Senate or the Congress! We the people of the United States of America are the real Government!

As long as their is free sports and bars booze and the girls are easy and the dope is plentiful no one cares. Obama is all those things. Soft Porno on the TV and in the movies and  with our help Obama is all those things and he  laughs at us every day 24/7 because we Americans have no guts for Freedom and our Country. And we are stupid, like dogs waiting for that free hand out from a Government who would rather see most of dead because we are a burden to THEIR happiness.