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Muslims Crucify two teen boys for being Christians!

Here is what I say:

Nice people the Muslims. And Glenn Beck says love will bring everything to peace in the world. What is he going back to the 60’s it didn’t work then and it will not work now. What the people of Islam and other bullies that are protected by our Traitor President and Senators and Congressmen, understand is the same mercy and tolerance they show to we infidels. NONE Butcher them as they butcher we Christians and Jews! And that is no mercy and watch them fall on their knees and beg for mercy like the people they murder, show them no mercy. There are no none violent Muslims, they belong to a murder cult and worship  a Pagan god the Moon!

All the latest Popes, including our new Socialist/Communist Pope went to  and sat through Islam worship and got up and talked  to them  and praised their Murder Cult religion. What the stupid Catholic church is looking for is a Universal Religion, It is always about money and power. The Catholics Church committed suicide in the 60’s, because they lost all that money in South East Asia when the Communist took over. Dumb.   The Catholic Church like our Country will never recover and we will be a third world country. Republicans and Demo-rats alike want the same destruction for us.

We need to rise up as one and revolt and take our Country back by force. you can forget the 2014 elections they are fixed for the Liberals to win.