Muslims going to attack the USA

In my opinion:


Good attack the White House, the Senate and the Congress when they are session and also the news media, ABC,CBS, NBC and all the liberal newspapers who refuse to tell the people who the real idiots are. The Clinton’s, the Bush Family, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi and all the Communist Democrats and the Rove/Bush Republicans who are the same as the Demo-rats.

Let the Muslims attack them, that is real Terrorism, attack the people who run the Country not the citizens who only want to have a good job, raise their families live in peace, not the chaos tha our Federal Government makes up as it goes along to keep the people apart,  not as one whole people to destroy us. Our Government is our mortal enemy, all Governments connected to the UN is the mortal enemy of the whole World. They and they alone destroy Freedom, Liberty, and innocent people and make salves of them for money and power.

Al-Qaida, Hamas, ISIS. are all supported by Barrack Hussein Obama and the our Muslim head of the CIA a converted Muslim,John O. Brenan, and you can’t forget where the money comes from to support the Muslim Terrorists, from our Congress, have given, the last I read was $43,000,000. 00 a day in training guns and ammo and cash. How do you think these Muslim Terrorists can come back this strong? With out our tax dollars to take over the Middle-East kill all the Christians and Jews destroy Israel and create a Caliphate.

Watch the movie Charlie Wilson’s war. Wilson set the standard how to supply money, guns and training through the CIA in the Afghanistan War against Russia. We supplied them Money Guns and training and they beat the Russians. Obama our Congress and Brenan the head of the CIA did the same exact thing. They kept their names out and no one knows where all this money for brand new state of the art, weapons come from, the best in the world and where did the money came from? Obama swore that as President he would never attack the Muslims Terrorists he said it  on National TV.

No Muslim Terrorist Armies can come on as strong as these Muslim Terrorists with out our help. They also kill our own troops because they are given information and time tables of our troop movements in the Middle-East. Obama the Muslim Communist Demo-rat leveling the playing field to make sure more of our troops are killed and mangled then the the Muslims. The person who wrote the book on how to destroy the Jews and Christians in the Middle-East is Samantha Power! Obama talks to her everyday.

Our Presidents and State Department have always sided with the enemy. Read None dare call it treason.