Ebola here

In my opinion:

Obama does everything he can think of with the help of all the Demo-rats and traitor Republicans to hurt everyone who is a citizen and destroy this Country. Obama, the State Department and the Muslim run CIA Chief  brought that guy here, that is an act of terrorism. How many more infected Ebola Africans has Obama brought here to start an epidemic that should kill thousands. Obama and his Regime hope most of them will be White people.   Think you can go out to a crowed place and not be afraid of getting Ebola. Vote the 60’s people and their families into office so they can finish the job of destroying our Country. They are all raised to hate America and they are taught that in school. This is not their country

As soon as I read that we were bringing back the Doctors who contracted Ebola I knew then that Obama would bring it to America. Anything to hurt our country. He is bring in Muslim Palestinians by the plan load to match the Illegal Mexicans to over load the system and collapse our country and destroy it forever. I want top thank all the dumb college students and the professors and all the asshole liberals who voted for their great destroyer Obama.