Obama wnats to King of the World

In my  opinion:


When did you guys find out. I knew way back before this traitor became President wanted to become King of the world. Now he has settled  for be king of this Hemisphere from South America to Canada, why do you think Obama and the Demo rats are letting all the Latino’s from Mexico and South of Mexico. I read the lies he put in his books written by his communist pal Bill Ayers. For two guys and their families hate America why do they want to live here. they should move to Cuba, or any third world country where if they opened their mouth they would have their heads chopped off. That’s because they are safe here to destroy this country and are in reality cowards, not to want to die for their beliefs, but they want other people to take up their sword and die for them.

If any American went to Mexico or any of the Countries South Of Mexico, coming into their Country with out a Passport or just walking over the border, like they do here, They would vanish from the face of the earth. If they were children they would sold to the International sex trade where people pay to have sex with little boys, (Homosexuals) and Pedophiles with all children and if they killed them in the sex act that would be perfectly OK with the child slavers because there are more children where these came from and more money. Maybe they would charge the offender a couple hundred dollars more for killing the child.

Men would never be heard from again, and women would be used for sex and bought to be slaves by the sick rich in the world. This s the kind of Homo that is running this country with the help of all the communist Demo-rats and Bush/Rove old time Republications, who are just like the Demo-rats only they want the power to destroy our country.  Point, the Federal Government brings these Latinos here and we pay, our taxes will go higher and these people offer nothing to bring this country back to what it used to be. They want to change it to the same third world they came from. They do not appreciate freedom, they appreciate slavery.