Illegals from South of the Border infecting us with

In my opinion:

The Illegals from South of the Border are bringing  in new disease’s that we have never seen before.  It will kill many of our children, and old people. You bring in a plant or a foreign animal and there is nothing in nature to fight it, it will take over and kill everything in it’s path. The Illegals are foreign to this country and their diseases are already starting to kill our Children. They have no idea what sanitation is, they have no education, and don’t want one. They all are released from the prisons, mental hospitals and infirmaries with diseases to bring them here and kill off our population. Obama and Biden with the help of all the Demo-rats and Bush/Rove Traitors Republicans did this so they will rule with new ignorance voter blocks.

That’s right all these Illegals from South of the border are infested with disease’s that their Government allow in  their third world counties to make sure that they kill their own people to keep the population down so the  Elite Politicians can live the good life with their slaves. And make sure the Population stays down by killing the peons. Who don’t get medical attention. The wealthy do in their countries but not the Peons.

I love how Obama, Biden and the rest of the Traitors, Demo-rats and Traitor Bush/Rove Republicans are so willing to bring in these new diseases into the United States to kill off our people so they can be voted into office for life and then their children can take over from them as they get older and die. These are the things that are here and more to come to kill of all the Americans they can along with Wars from the UN that we never win only let our children die for nothing. and they are not defending the USA they are defending the people who make billions of dollars over tour troops dead and mangled bodies, White preferably so the Presidents and the rest of the traitors we voted for will have the USA by the throat.  The people they want that they can control will be Brown and Black. And this will be one huge Hemisphere and Obama will be the Ruler of a Black and Brown third world  from the tip of South America to Canada. Our Presidents, Senators and Congressman are all thinking  ahead  how to kill not only the people in the United States, but everyone who disagrees with them and change us to all Spanish speaking and a Third World where they will rule. The Elite Government Whites will be the Rulers.

Forget about our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Elite and the Super Rich like the Clinton’s and the Bush Family and the Rockefeller Family and the liberals will live like Dukes and Princes of old. They will live in Mansions have the best health care and money up the ass for selling our we the people and our Country to the highest bidders and we the people will live in shit. Isn’t it time to take back our Country by force, elections do no good. The Government who we elected are our enemy and the ones who are destroying our Nation. We should destroy them.

A quote from Abraham Lincoln:
We the people are the rightful Masters of both Congress and the Courts not to overthrow the Constituent , but to overthrow  the men who prevent the Constitution.