In my opinion:


Oil…We don’t need the bio fuel, we don’t need Ethanol converting corn to to gas that will destroy the engines in our cars and cause food prices to triple. Why didn’t the government and private companies open plants that create jobs by converting plastic bank to oil and the converting it to gasoline? There is enough plastic in this Country alone to keep us in cheap gasoline for a thousand years. Because it does not follow our Communist Dictator Obama and the Demo-rats and Bush/Rove Republicans Traitors plan to make sure no one in this country has a job or can make a living. That would be to easy for the god like Senators and Congressman to do some thing for the Country and we the people. They are too interested in putting a slave collar around our necks and selling us out to the highest bidder while using our tax money to support organizations like ACORN to destroy us.¬† To make the United States of America into a Third World Country. Our elected officials are the most evil thinking selfish people in the world.

The real enemy to our freedom and well being is our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen¬† destroying our Country. They are our true enemy, because they and they alone¬† have created Wars we don’t belong in by telling the American people we are fighting for our country when in truth we are not fighting for our Country our soldier are being used as whores for our war monger Presidents to keep Saudi Arabia in full control of the oil making all our Presidents rich. Look what Obama did the other day he called King Abdullah to ask him if it would be alright to attack his fellow Muslims that he and the King Abdullah are supporting and get more of our soldiers killed for nothing. They are not protecting the USA. They are protecting Saudi Arabia control of the oil and the money they get from OPEC. Traitors one and all no wonder they want our guns.

Be ready to take back our country by force because the November elections are fixed for the Traitor Demo-rats to stay in power and destroy our Constitution and us.