From the Blaze

The Blaze is reporting the beheading of another Christian which is fine but no one has a solution to the cold blooded murders by the biggest Murder Cult in the World….ISLAM!

In my opinion:

Why report these Muslim atrocities when no one in the Government, outside the government or you Glenn will do anything to stop it. Obama said in one of his speeches that he as President will never attack Islam no matter what. so what good is to get everybody riled up. Even in our own Country Muslim Terrorist which we can’t call them becasue our super-duper anything goes President and the Senate and the Congress passed a laws.   You can’t profile Muslims Terrorists in this Country along with the Blacks and Illegal Latinos, But you can profile young Vets and Tea Party and white people who own a gun as Terrorists,they are free to commit any crime they want and King Obama and Holder will do all they can to never let these people be punished for anything they do to brake our laws.

It is their Social Justice for being born in the only free country in the world which is being destroyed by ignorant voters, Professors of hate. Being destroyed by the people we elected to keep us free and our Country free with the Coming of Barrack Hussein Obama. George Bush Jr(New World Order, like his father) made sure Obama got elected to carry on the destruction of our Country and turn it into a Socialist/Communist Country to satisfy the UN, Europe and Russia so we are all the same.

Demo-rat dogma, not what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights says but these traitors say.  And what the Super-Rich say,  Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr. Barrack Hussein Obama, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Reid, The Rockefellers, The Queen of England, George Sorros, King Abdula of Arabia, and the list can go on an on. The real Traitors our elected officials who we elected and trusted with our lives and our families lives.

Countries have been and always are destroyed by the few people who are the Politicians and have the power to make laws that hurt their people while they got rich and live the good life after they destroyed their countries and in-slaved the people. Our enemy people, is our Government. But we are to stupid and to lazy and too brain washed to anything to free our selves and strike first and rid our nation of all these Traitors. And those super rich people who are behind it all. It is all about more money and power for them and we the people become their slaves.