All over the TV “GO TO WAR!!!”

In my opinion:

O’Reilly on the 8 P.M. news wants us to go to War with ISIS. But he won’t go in harms way and get killed for nothing, or will his sons if he has any. We do the low life hard working Americans. The Mexicans won’t the Muslims in this country wont, they will just kill our soldiers, and they won’t be prosecuted for any crime they commit. Holder won’t prosecute any Muslim, and Obama doesn’t want to punish his kind.  So O’Reilly you and your family go to war and die for nothing.

ISIS has come to big time strength because our President  and our Congress has funded Al-Qaeda through other Countries. View the movie Charlie Wilson’s War. With the help of the CIA and Israel we funded the Afghan war against Russia. We are funding our enemies, the Muslims, they are all Terrorists and child molesters and murders of their own by the Law of the Koran. Obama and the Muslim Chief of the CIA, John O. Brenan, Irish American, use other nations to give all the Muslims Terrorists money, arms, training, to not only kill all the Christians and Jews in the Middle-East and start the Caliphate but to kill our sons and daughters who are in the Armed Foirces and in harms way to make sure the right wealthy people control all the dope and oil.

Not to protect our country or the people in the Countries they are fighting in under rules of engagement that give the Muslims the upper hand in killing our soldiers. Also through the State Department, they give all troop movements to the Muslims so they can blow up the roads. How else do the Muslims know where to plant the bombs if we didn’t tell them. It takes a long time to set up a bomb, it’s not like in the movies bing, bang, boom the bomb is set in less them a minute and the Muslims are on camera ready to photograph the Bomb going off and killing our soldiers. Because our President, Obama orders  it.

Our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen are our enemy!!! It’s all about money and power. Not humanitarianism, it’s about Controlling the world and the money to make salves of everyone.

Obama sent 1500 troops  to Iraq just for show but they also have orders not to shot any Terrorists. They are supposed to stand there and let the Terrorists kill them. Didn’t we waste billions of dollars training the Iraqis troops and police to defend themselves? Yes we did. Do these people defend themselves NO against ISIS or any Terrorists groups no, because some where in the Koran it tells them that they cannot go to war with each other.

What is it really all about? Treason by our Presidents, Carter, the Bush Family, Clinton’s and now our Muslim President Barrack Hussein Obama. It’s about keeping the Saudis in  full control of all the oil in the Middle-East protecting the Bush oil Empire. The Country that controls the oil controls the World. We make the King Abdul la more wealthy every day that we don’t drill our own oil and gas and Abdul la uses that money along with our tax dollars to fund the Terrorists and send Islam out into the world to take over every country there is and convert every one to Islam or kill them. And our Money is doing just that.

I forgot another thing why we support the Terrorists, Samantha Power’s book how to destroy Israel using the United States and Islam. But it boils down to oil, And Obama and Power’s hatred for the Jews. But our American Jews who are Senators and Congressmen and Demo-rats support Obama and Power’s killing Jews and putting Islam in charge of the World.

Our Presidents don’t care about how many of our young men and women they kill. Nor do the Senators or Congressmen care how many of our soldiers as long as they get their end of all the oil and dope money. What ever our Government does is a “Dog and Pony Show” to make the dummies of the United States of America think that they are doing something  that makes  it is OK. The propaganda machine tells us we are protecting  America’s Freedom. Not true they are protecting their own money interests so they will be the Super-Rich witch most of them are by selling us out and destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All Traitors to we the American people who, let them get away with what ever they want to do to destroy us.

We have to join as one people and strike the Government!!! Obama wants to kill us through War and Obama Care, we should go to war against these criminals who are destroying  our Country and kill them first. To bad the people don’t have a stronger leader to rally all of us to act.