Obama is sending 3000 of our soldiers to a stinking, no sanitation, ignorant people, who wipe their asses with their hands and never wash their hands for anything. Well how do you think a disease like Ebola gets started? No sanitation. People can say what they want but when the Europeans gave back those African to the Blacks they went back wards a thousand years. Every country in Africa slaughters most of their population at one time or another. Aids runs rampage in Africa. Other incurable disease’s are in Africa. Do the Africans try and stop them through Science or educate their people in Sanitation? NO! They have the witch doctors taking care of the population.

Sending 3,000 soldiers to Liberia to stop the Ebola outbreak? How are 3,000 of our young men and women going to stop that outbreak? They are not Doctors, or Nurses. Doesn’t Liberia have their own Army. Maybe that’s it our soldiers are going to help Liberia stop the outbreak of Ebola by help the Librarian Army kill the population.  That’s how the Africans governments cure everything. Start killing the people.

Obama doesn’t care if our soldiers  contact Ebola, nor does our Government care how many of our children they kill any way they can. In fact Obama loves killing the White soldiers most. 90% of the Armed Forces are White. In our 100 years wars starting with WWI over a million young men have been sacrificed by our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen for nothing. WWI, Wilson’s War in one year he helped kill 116,708 young men, 90% with, 204,000 wounded 90% White. That is no counting the civilian population that was killed the one year that we entered WWI.

Who starts the Wars and get their young men and women killed, the Presidents and the Congress. In WWII that is the only War that the United States of America was attacked by a Foreign Government, except for 9/11 when we were attacked by Saudi Arabia when they crashed planes into the twin towers killing millions, Japan! But our Socialist President Roosevelt also brought us into the War with Germany. Who supplied Troops a thousand to one of an y other country? We did. Who took the most dangerous spot to land on D-Day, we did. Who suffered the lose of their children? We did because none of the Presidents children died, or Senators or Congressmen. Our children died. 405,399 of our young men died in WWII, not counting the millions that were wounded. The point is our Presidents are willing to help kill our troops for  any reason. If they contract Ebola is the Obama Regime going to take care of them. No, like ever thing the Government does it is the carbon foot that kills everything that it touches.

But Obama the King will not send 3,000 soldiers to close our borders and stop the Illegal Latino’s from coming into this country and wreaking our system, becoming a burden on we the citizens of this Country. There is not country in this World that acts like we do. You cannot walk into any country and get help free, money, housing, education, free health care. They’ll kill you first and put you in prison that no one can get you out. Especially the United States Government. Look what Obama, our Senators and our Congressmen did to that young and who accidentally went to Mexico and a couple guns in his car. He is still in jail. Is Obama going to get him out? No, not the King. First he is White and a Christian. He is not Black or a Muslim. Obama feels that way about the whole population. Except the Muslims and Illegals of all persuasion.

Our Government is the enemy of our country they treat every Muslim and Illegal better the they treat us the working man who can hardly makes end meet. While our Presidents, Obama number one, and our Senators and Congressmen keep selling us out to the highest bidder.

So it is easy for Obama to kill our Soldiers and the rest of we Americans with Obama,  Murder Inc., Care.