ISIS in photo with John McCain

There is a photo of John The Traitor McCain with Syrian Rebels that belonged to ISIS.

In my opinion:

How else do you think the Syrian Rebels ISIS or Al-Qaeda or what ever got the poison gas, cannons to shot the gas, arms, money and training to kill the civilian population. Then blame Assad for killing his own people.  By Traitors like John McCain who serve the Government and not the people of the United States of America. Doing Obama’s dirty work to ,kill our troops and make chaos in our country and the World.

Obama siding with the Muslims because he is a Muslim. Obama wants the Jews killed in Israel and a Caliphate in Place so he can be the ruler of the World. And Islam to take over the USA. Obama and one of his leaders who he bowed too, King Abdulla. Who is supporting the Muslim movement with our oil money.