My Thoughts….

My thoughts every day is that all our Presidents, except Regan who wanted a small Government, Senators and Congressmen and all the Bureaucracies are all Progressive Demo-rat and Republican Socialist/Communist who are bent on destroying our Country.

They are all stealing as much money as they can so when the end of the United States comes which will be sooner then we think. They the Communist Third World leaders of what will be left of our country, they and their families will never suffer. But we the people will suffer, we will live in ignorance, extreme poverty, no health care or sanitation. We will also be murdered by our Government. The plan is right from nut job first class Ezekiel Manual. This also Socialist ideas for the poor we the people top serve the rich them. There will come a time if a child or anyone else   shows any kind of intelligences they will be put to death. If you show any kind of free thinking  you will be put to death. Culling the population it is called in Socialism. If you reach a certain age, let us 50, you will be put to death. Any excuse at all and the Government will kill you. You are only allowed to live to serve the rich and the people who run the Government. When you can’t they kill you.

FEMA is creating Interment camps right now where there is no due process of law. Lets see, Blacks can’t be profiled by law, Muslims can’t be profiled by law, Illegal Aliens, Mexicans, Muslims, who ever can’t be profiled by law. Who is left…only the white people and white veterans coming home from Wars created by our Presidents, serving the UN and making money hand over fist on our dead children and wounded troops. who have to beg the population for help because the President, Obama who hates everything about the United States of America refuses to help and care for our troops. Obama would rather spend millions of dollars on himself and his family for their vacations and Obama monkey business raise money for himself from the dummies who contribute to him,   and fuck the people and the troops.

Yet Obama and all the Senators and Congressmen are interested in bringing to our Country every Christian Jew hater Muslim from the Middle-East along with all the Illegals that Biden started the ball rolling to bring the to the United States of America where there are no jobs for the Citizens and there will be no jobs for the Illegals. Who mostly Criminals that Guatemala let loose form their prisons, and mental institutions and they are  ignorant of any thing that is civilized. And they refuse to learn to speak English the language of the USA. We have to learn to accommodate them and speak Spanish. Years ago I listened to an asshole that was a Mexican and he said that everyone in this Hemisphere should speak Spanish because from Mexico south the language is Spanish. Our Government goes along with that.

When are we the people going to rise up and destroy these people who are destroying us because they are in control of the law. They make their own laws to suit them selves and enslave us. To many people from the 60’s are in charge and they all wanted to destor our Country. And they are doing it in a grand stile.

The people who run our Government are the true enemy of we the people and our Country and our freedom. No other group of people or Country but the people who rule us.