Obama attacking ISIS….

The reason Obama and the UN’s Armed Forces is the United States of America’s Armed Forces, gladly given to the UN by all our Presidents to die for nothing. Every time I hear some one say that our troops are protecting the United States of America I want to puck. Our children are being sacrificed for the Bush/ Obama new World Order control of the oil, for Saudi Arabia.

Why is Obama attacking  ISIS? It is not about the murders they commit killing Christens and Jews, or anything else they do, Obama, McCain and Graham want the Jews to die, but because ISIS is driving the oil prices down and that will hurt the Bush/Obama and Saudi Arabia Oil Empire from making money.

John McCain and Lindsy Graham are two soft in the head War monger Senators who don’t have the slightest clue what is going on in the Middle-East they are doing Obama/ Bush bidding to destroy any stability in the Middle-East, by creating Terrorist States to wipe out every Christian and Jew that are alive and help create a Caliphate.

McCain and Graham  want us to bomb Assad in Syria, if you want to bomb Assad we will be at war with Russia and Iran, and Turkey. Assholes of the Senate I salute you. For your being Obama’s two boys, don’t drop the soap when you two take your showers with Obama. Don’t forget McCain worked with ISIS, Al-Qaida, The Muslim Brotherhood, all the Terrorists groups in the Middle-East insuring them the United States of America will continue giving them money, our tax dollars, training, the best guns and ammo in the World and keep going and  they also kill our son’s and daughter’s who are fighting in the Middel-East for NOTHING!!!

These people are making money for themselves hand over fist over the bodies of our children not theirs. Ours. Attack Assad, bring on WWIII. It’s all about money and power and we are being sold out by our enemy.  President Obama, the Senators and Congressmen who are supposed to keep our country safe and work for we the people but work for themselves sacrifice lives for themselves. These people don’t care how many of our children die as long as the majority are white.