A lot of people are worried about how we carter to atheists and are taking God out of our society, where people have no conscience to commit crimes and other things that go against a civilized Nation. We worship movies stars, so they who ever they are. This is all happening because our Government, who now control 99% of our lives need that 1% more to destroy our Country. And that is to destroy our religion, that is Communist Doctrine, if you can destroy the Religion of a Country you can absolutely take over that country and the people will be your slaves. The first thing they did in Russia was destroy the Religion. Hitler did it in Germany. Antonio Gramsci wrote the new Communist manifesto and the key to destroying any Country and turning it to Government Control is to destroy the Religion. Any why that the powers can, in our case Obama and the Senators and Congressmen and the Government controlled  Education. Propaganda put out by the News Media and Hollywood.

Obama’s new  Religion our Government wants to install in the USA is Islam. Not only do we go backwards to the 7th century we become a third world and never again see greatness and a easy life and be civilized again. Islam is a murder Cult who worship the Moon god. And we will be ruled with an Iron fist.

I almost forgot, subliminal massaging on the TV and the Catholic church committing suicide by not teaching the Church’s dogma. But remember our real enemy is our Federal Government run by all Traitors loyal to Obama and the Democratic dogma and Rhino Republicans that run our Government. They are the super rich of this country.