Obama and our enemies

The great Ruler of America, and the world, our Homo Barrack Hussein Obama, told the world, and all our enemies that our armed forces will one of the smallest in the world. Obama just gave the OK for the Muslims or anyone else about country, that wants to invade us there will no problem to win the war from us and they can take over with his help and every Demo-rat Senator and Rhino Republican Traitor that we voted into office withe their help to make an easy transition to do as they please with we the American people. Mainly kill off the rest of all the white people. Like bird brain who’s brain gray matter is lost in all the booze he drinks,  and tells the world that he is happy that by 2017 the white people will no , longer be the dominate race.  What race does Biden belong too.

You know what the motto of the Republican and Demo-rat party is? “FUCK THE PEOPLE!”  all Traitors to the United State of America. Stay armed don’t get fooled by the Political propaganda. Be ready when the time comes. Obama and the Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans like John McCain are willing to see us die.