Our Muslim/Communist Dictator….

Our Muslim/Communist Traitor Obama, Heil Obama, Dictator, Emperor of the biggest Third Wold Country, The United States of America,  has spoken!!! Our Muslim Emperor said he can do anything he wants and any Bill that is not sent to him by his Communist Demo-rats and Bush, Rhino Republican New World, Common Core Order. He will Veto!!!

With “Olde Guard Republicans laying down to all the Demo-rats of what they want, Obama can do anything he wants and has been doing just that since being elected by the most ignorant people of this Country. Don’t they know that our Muslim President has no loyalty to this Country or any country non this Earth.   The Koran is their Country, their Pagan Murder Cult is their religion. They do not worship Jesus Christ…they worship the Moon. Look it up if you have the brains to understand what you are reading.

Who gave Emperor Obama all the power he has to Veto and destroy jobs and take Billions of tax free dollars in  for himself? Our brilliant super brains that they all sit on. The Congress. Traitor Demo-rats and Republicans.

Obama has this power because our Crying drunk Speaker of the House Bohener gets on his knees everyday and kiss’s Obama’s private parts and has sworn to do as Obama wants him to do and control the Congress, to serve Obama and not the people, just as Nancy Pelosi did and is still doing.

More Traitors who serve the Government and not the people, who voted for them to keep our Country Free and up hold the Constitution of the United States. They did not swear to up hold any President. Presidents are only men who are super wealthy and sponsored by Super Wealthy people who want to destroy our Country and bring back the old Feudal  System where everyone is poor and begging on their knees to Government controlled wealth. We the people suffer for that and they don’t care. The Government wants the people not to have any money in their pockets, the Government wants to destroy the Middle Class, the Government wants to create stupid people who think Federal Government is God and knows all things and we the people are too stupid to think fore ourselves. Why do you think that Jimmy the Traitor created Government controlled education.  And now Bush “Common Core”. Control of the Masses Communist Doctron. Look it up!

Then you have another Bush Old Guard Republican, Leader of the Senate Leader Mitch McConnell who backs down from everything that Harry Reid and his Demo-rat Traitors tell McConnell to do. And the Republicans we elected to save us and our Country have no guts to stand up to McConnell and fight for we the people. They all serve the Federal Government not we the people.

Obama controls all the Regulators who are destroying our freedom. They serve Emperor Obama and work for the Government. They are another set of law makers the the stupid Congress gave more power too then they have. Will they cut the Regulators off at the knees. No. You can’t fire them you can’t stop them from creating laws that the Congress doesn’t even know about. You can’t fire them. They get away with plaything they want to do with our tax dollars including  going on super expensive trips to Vegas, and where else only they know and the main stream news media wont tell us.

All Governments run by Demo-rats and Bush New world Common Core order. Are our enemies. They should be brought down. Now the Regulators are going to take away all our Ammo. What will the people we elected to ,free us going to do. My guess is nothing.

Obama told his Muslims that he would take away our guns so if they with Obama’s blessing decide to come out of their Muslim Ghettos they will able to cut off our heads and slaughter us as they please. with impunity!  We need a real leader to lead us to victory  over the Federal Government. Keep your guns and be ready to use them when the Feds, Gang Bangers, and Muslims come to kill us and our families.

The Federal Government has been designed to destroy the United States of America.

I recommend ever one who has any brains to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.