Jeb Bush, ” Americans are on the brink of…”

Jeb Bush has enlightened all we American citizens that we live on the edge of financial ruin. When did he figure that out. We do live, everyone of us who have to work for a living live on the edge of financial ruin because of, our Presidents who set standards that  we have to be taxed to death with   representation, led by Traitors like Jimmy Carter, who wanted us to be like Europe and lowered our standard of living and drove the price of bread from 35 cents a loaf to $1.25 a loaf over night.

They all had the help of the Senate and the Congress, Rhino republicans and Demo-Rats. The next President is Jeb’s father oil Empire ruler George Bush Sr., New World Order, Hail Hitler!!!, Clinton, Bill and Hillary, George Bush Jr. and the greatest Traitor of the history of the United States of America Barrack Hussein Obama.

These super rich Presidents, and super rich sponsors of the Presidents and the Senators and Congress men have made it so we live on the brink of financial ruin. In order that the United States is destroyed, our enemy, Presidents, Senators and Congressmen who run the Country want all of us to be destroyed financial so they can take over and create the United States into a Muslm Communist Terror Third Country. But they and their families will be safe because they will be the richest in the Country, and live like the Kings and Queens and Earl and Dukes of old. We will be peasants who will and die by their command.

They have caused our destruction, they are our enemy. They created all the chaos in this country and through out the world. They are the one’s who put one Race above another to destroy the White male from making a good living. They, our Government are destroying us with our own money by taxing us to death. The oil rich Empire of the Bush family tied to the hip of the OPC to make them selves more rich.

Bush Jr. helped get Obama elected and they are as tight as friends could be. Bush Jr. went out of his way not to listen to the people knowing that the people would vote Demo-rat trying to get a brake from Government. What we got was more of the same our destruction from another Traitor President Obama our White/ Negro homosexual Emperor of the World.

We don’t need a super oil rich Socialist/ Communist “New World Order..Hail Hitler!!!” Bush as President. Bush wants us to believe he will save us and our Country. He is an extension of Obama plan to destroy our freedom and our country, ready to devalue the dollar again to make our money worthless.

Look at other Countries around the world that once were our enemy they are more wealthy and more modern then we are. The Untied States of America saved Russian Communism by giving them our money and support to make Communism work from day one when it would have feel apart if it was not for the United States. We now trade with Vietnam. They with the help of our government killed over 55,000 our  young men. But now we are going to make them rich and more Communists wealthy States to come for us to wipe us out. Look around all this while we are going to the poor house, becasue of our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen who will not save us or our Country.

Start with the Bush Family they started the Muslims taking over the World, They brought them here and we are supporting all four of their wives and children so they with the illegals can take over our Government and destroy our Country.

Jeb Bush wants every one of our children to be as stupid as the Illegals that they have brought into this country  with Common Core stupidity.  But not his White/Mexican children they are the chosen ones to rule this Country. Along with the Terrorist killer Pagan Religion called Islam. A vote for Jeb Bush , “New World Order” is a vote for our destruction!

Keep your guns well oiled by tons of ammo, be ready to fight for our freedom. Because our Government and every rich bastard that we elect is the enemy of mankind.