Senators and Congressmen always begging for you money

Senators and Congressmen always begging for you money. Rand Paul is always sending out begging letters telling us to send him money to stop a law from going through to save us. Bull Shit. They take payoffs that are equal to or more then what a middle class worker makes in a year. Boehnor Picked a cool $900,000.00, tax free, to pass laws for AT&T, the cable companies, and holding banks to screw the America people out of their hard money so these companies can make billions more for them selves and we pay through the noose.

Why does it cost money to go to the Senate or Congress to stop a law that you people  already passed for free except for the contributions of the Unions given to all of  you to pass these laws in their favor.  And screw the American people.
It’s called the American people are not only stupid but suckers to think that you or any other Senator or Congressmen is going to save we the people or our country form we people destroying it for your own gain. We have to save our selves our Presidents, Our Senators, Congressmen, the Supreme Court and the Regulators, if we are to survive, Because they attack us everyday  with UN-Constitutional taxes and laws that only hurt our freedom and they make themselves rich.
They will only save themselves and we the people will go down the drain.