Obama ready to take over the Internet

In my opinion:

Obama and his Regulator slaves are ready to move we the freest people in the whole world closer to Socialistic/Communistic Government, no freedom, no free thought with out the Governments permission and brain dead people. If you aren’t brain dead if you say anything that our Communist Government wants you  to think or say, the Government will come and take you away and execute you. All Governments are the same once they gain full control over you.

Look at all the Governments that had full control over the people, Germany killed millions of their people in including people who were not Jews, just were against the Nazi Government. Russia Murder millions more of their own people for the same reason, plus Social Justice. The United States of America supported Communism from day one even to now, with money and technology. Obama has been working hand in glove with Russia from the time he was President. Look what he told the President of Russia, “Once this election is over I don’t have to worry about another election and I will help Putin” That alone tells  that Obama will always be the Ruler of America.

Look at Africa where the Government is in complete control they slaughtered millions of their own people. Also they got away with it becasue the people were unarmed.

Take away the free Internet is the second step to take away the first Amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

The Federal Government is our enemy. Obama is a true Muslim Traitor to our Country. Read the Koran, no Muslim has a Country to be loyal too. They are only loyal to the Koran. Also in the Koran Muslims are taught by their Murder Cult religion to lie to and cheat all infidels. Obama is and has been doing just that. And no one in the News Media or the Senate or the Congress and especially the Jew Senators and Congressmen and women they are helping Obama destroy our country. These are the first people Obama will kill, because he is also a big time Jew hater.

Take away the Internet the Government takes away free speech and more freedom from us. These Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans from the Bush family want this to happen. Then in the end there will only be super Rich people and super poor people. How can we let 500 people destroy us and our Country? Because we are stupid just as Professor Jonathan Gruber said, “the people of America are stupid” and we are to let Obama and all his people get away with what they have done and are doing. Obama still has more time too wreck our Country because  all  the collage Professors want that along with our Regulators and our Senators and Congressmen want the same thing. They are our enemy led by Obama.